REVIEW: My Acnelan Experience | #FlawlessPinkList 2022

Visited the Flawless Megamall branch a couple days before I went back to the office for some much needed self love and TLC! 

I first had a consultation w/ the Flawless MD for my acne, hyperpigmentation, and skin texture concerns. She recommended 2 treatments, the Acnelan or the Easy Peel treatment. I chose Acnelan as it is the milder option and I was worried about excessive peeling since I’d be back to the office in a couple days. 

Acnelan is an intensive medical treatment of acne-prone and seborrheic skin, performed by a Flawless MD in-clinic. It works effectively as a skin renewal system to provide a permanent solution to the acne disease for a clearer and healthier skin.

After the consultation, I was given my hygiene kit and my Flawless Safety Mask, and then was directed to my spot for the treatment.

Here’s what you can expect; 

☁️ Foam Cleansing

☁️ Instead of steaming, a gel would be applied to your face before pricking. It can get a bit itchy/prickly, just let your facialist know so they can remove it and start the pricking. I have high pain tolerance so I was able to complete the 10-mins

☁️ Laser Wand

☁️ Antiseptic mask - the most relaxing part for me as it gives me some time to meditate or even nap!

☁️ Acnelan treatment – it was a very quick procedure that took about 7 minutes to complete. Your Flawless MD will apply the Acnelan on your face and leave it for a couple minutes and then neutralize it before wiping it off. Please note that there will be stinging and there will be immediate redness as this is a peel. Personally, I didn’t feel much irritation, but I have a high pain tolerance so it may be different for you.

☁️ Serum will be applied after Acnelan is neutralized and fully removed from the skin. I noticed that the serum helped calm down the redness and made my skin look glowy afterwards. 

Check out my next posts for the progress photos!


Rejuvelite Clarifying Mask Facial - P1200 (about 2 hours)

Acnelan - P3000 (about 10 minutes)

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  1. looking forward to seeing your updates! been meaning to get this treatment too!