My Thoughts About the Biosigla Supplements | PR 2022


Let me introduce you to Biosigla! 

Biosigla is a wellness brand that launched in April 2022 and they make all-natural food supplements that they claim can improve everybody's life. Upon checking their site, they claim to provide “natural, high-quality supplements made with only the purest and carefully selected superfoods, botanicals, vitamins, and minerals that have been scientifically proven to produce real results.”

They sent me samples of all their available supplements some time ago for me to try.

While I have not personally tried them as of posting this as per my doctor’s advice, I did look into their products and company over the past couple of months so I can provide you with all the information possible about them. This also serves as your urgent reminder to always check with your primary care doctor before taking any supplement or medicine. 

They currently offer 4 variants, all made in the EU with a Swiss Formula: 

Cardio Support - claims to be a premium, all-natural powerhouse product that improves cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Reduces Inflammation

Boosts Physical Performance

Sugar Balance - claims to be an innovative glucose support formula that empowers you to curb your sugar intake and manage your blood sugar levels. 

Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Promotes Healthy Insulin Production

Boosts Metabolism And Increases Energy

Promotes Healthy Weight

Joint Support - claims to be a premium product packed with all-natural ingredients to help your joints stay strong and healthy. 

Aids Mobility and Joint Health

Promotes Joint Flexibility

Regenerates Cartilages

Increases Joint Lubrication

Liver Detox - claims to be an advanced natural supplement that promotes liver health and function. It also encourages overall health.

Encourages Liver Cleansing

Strengthens The Immune System

Boosts Energy and Vitality

Supports the Digestive System

While I was not able to find their supplements listed in the FDA database, they do say on the website that their products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility. 

They also offer the following w/ every purchase:

Free Delivery for all orders; same day dispatch

30 Days Return, no questions asked  (T&C’s apply)

Secure Payment with a cash on delivery option

Dedicated 24/7 Support

30 Days Money Back Guarantee  (T&C’s apply)

Disclaimers: When they first contacted me, I was very interested in the products they offered as they seemed promising. However, upon looking into it more, I noticed a couple things that seemed out of place.

For example, as per the collaboration proposal email sent to me, they launched back in April 2022. On their website, there is already a combined total of 1167 reviews posted. During my background check, I was not able to find any posts related to Biosigla other than content creator posts and from their own website. At first, I thought that they were a relabelled supplement brand, but I was not able to find a parent or sibling company that can be the source of said reviews. The only related brand that I could find was the company on their packaging, TICC GmbH, but even with that, I am unable to find any supplement related information.

Since they are not sold anywhere else, I looked into their reviews too but only found mock-up like photos along with reviews that are dated early June 2022. The website domain itself was registered on October 18, 2021 (though I know that’s just based on the domain payment date and not the actual birth date of the website). Upon checking their social media pages, the Facebook page was created February 2, 2022. The YouTube Channel was made on May 26, 2022. The earliest Instagram post was February 9, 2022 and the earliest tagged post was April 30, 2022. I also noticed that the people on the “Meet the Team” post on their Instagram page were stock images, and a quick Google reverse image search that I did supported that thought. 

With that said, I highly recommend that you, 1. Always check with your primary care doctor before taking any supplement or medicine, and 2. Always do background checks and do appropriate research before taking any supplement or medicine, 3. If something sparks your interest, look into it. 

While I do not know any of the reasoning why there are only mock-up review photos on their website, or the team being stock images, or there being hundreds of positive reviews with virtually no other post aside from content creator posts and reviews, it is clear to me that I need to further look into this company before I vouch for them. 

I hope this post serves as an educational tool for those looking into this brand and/or supplements. I do not make medical or professional claims here, this is just my honest opinion as a consumer and a content creator. 

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