Why I deserve to be part of #FlawlessPinkList 2022

I remember my first visit to Flawless Makati back in 2016 -- I just dropped out of college and started my first "big girl" job. I didn't have much, just enough for their regular acne facial, but the staff treated me like royalty. I was addressed politely. Their instructions regarding sanitation and order were clear as day. I remember how attentive they were with me, and when I requested that they inform me of the treatment steps, they did so happily and even went the extra mile of explaining the process with great detail.

Needless to say, from that very first visit in 2016, Flawless became my go-to place for pampering sessions, and mind you, the quality of service stayed the same (and even improved!) from day one.

Flawless helped me become confident in my own skin, and feel amazing even during my Alopecia recovery period. Flawless showed me the path to accept my flaws as part of me so that I can present my beautifully authentic self to the world. Flawless saw me through my probinsyana days, my working student years, my Alopecia journey, and to today, my blogger era, as I continue to build my digital empire.

With that said, I deserve to be a part of the #FlawlessPinkList because I have grown with you, not only as a customer but as a person. You have seen me through my good ones and bad ones. Literally. :D

Additionally, I believe that the various skills that I have gathered and mastered through out the years would be beneficial to you, dearest @myflawless .

My work experience provided me with a unique ability to see things from different perspectives to gain a beautiful resolution. My stint as a working student gave me the talent of handling things on the spot and going along with the constant flow of opportunities. As a customer, I have full faith in you, your services, and what you can do for the community. As a blogger, I am confident that my way of connecting with people is relevant, accessible, and memorable.

I believe that all of the traits I have mentioned are essential to being a bonafide member of the #FlawlessPinkList, and that's why I deserve to be a part of it, because I know I have what it takes be a #FlawlessIconicBeauty .


  1. wishing you the best sister! i believe you are the best spokes person for their brand! <3

  2. Oh I just know you will be picked! You are so inspiring and I look forward to seeing you grow into the woman you are supposed to be! <3 love Wadey

  3. I love your story! You deserve a spot for sure! - Madi <3