Valentine's Day Gifts ft. Flower Store PH

 What to get someone who doesn’t like bouquets for Valentine’s Day?

The first time I ever received flowers was from my first bf for our 5th monthsary. It was nothing big, just simple 3 red roses from our local flower shop and it honestly made my whole week at that time. I even remember bringing those flowers back to my city dorm and just having them on my study table until they finally withered away. 

Since then, I have associated flowers with good intent and sweet memories. The next couple of times I received flowers gave me the same feeling of joy and kilig. I mean, there is just something extra magical about it that just makes my day a bit brighter. 

However, over the years I have come to realize that I am not really a flower person, to be honest. I mean, I love receiving flowers and I would not decline one, but I am so torn when it comes to the time that the flowers die and I sadly have to throw them away. I think I still have a couple of sachets filled with pressed flower petals hidden away somewhere as I couldn't bear to part ways with the last bouquet of flowers I received from my current partner of seven years as it feels like I am throwing away the memories as well. 

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about that anymore as Flower Store PH, the Philippines' #1 online gift store carries all sorts of items that you can give your loved ones, which is perfect as Valentine's is just right around the corner!

Flower Store PH sent me some of their items to review, and it was so nice of them to consider my preferences for items that won’t go away easily. Read on to know more about why I am in love with their Valentine's offers for this year! 

Blooming Sweetness 

The best of both worlds! This decadent and elegant bouquet is the perfect gift for your person who is sweet like chocolates and whom you want to offer love, pride, and admiration.

Yes, red carnations symbolize love and deep affection and have been through the test of time. Originally, these were associated with mothers as what can be deeper or purer than a mother's love for their child? In fact, these are the official Mother's Day flowers, so if you want something for your mom this Valentines', this is perfect too! 

I loved taking photos with this bouquet as it registered really nicely on camera, but the thing that amazed me about this was that it stayed pristine even after a week of being in the arrangement! The flowers didn't look dead or withered, instead looked as nice as when I first received them. Definitely a win for me!

Rose Diffuser 

I have been working from home for over two years now and this adds the perfect ambiance to my work area. It also works as a great night light for me when I need to go to the bathroom and I don't want to turn on my bright overhead light. The diffuser works great as well and runs for about half a day on a full charge. Bonus points that it is made from real flowers that went through a sophisticated preservation process, which just adds a little bit of magic for me – reminds me of the Beauty and the Beast rose!

Personally, I would gift this to my work buddy who is always there to answer my questions or just chat about trivial things during break times. It's a little something to show that I appreciate them staying in touch even though we haven't seen each other for over two years already. 

Rose Jewelry Box 

Can you say stunner? If you need a wow factor this Valentine's Day without being ordinary, this is the one to get! I love that aside from being a beautiful rose that won't fade after a week or so, it is also the perfect addition to my vanity area. 

I like it because of its duality, it helps brighten my space and keep my knick-knacks organized. I also like the necklace that it comes with (yes, the necklace is included!) gives my outfits the right amount of sparkle without turning my skin green. 

If you want to stay in someone's mind, why not get this one? They'll be reminded of you when they see the jewelry box at home, and every time they wear the elegant crystal necklace. P.S. You can even personalize it a bit further and get their (or your own) birthstone pendant. 

Lovely Teddy 

This is probably the cutest valentine's gift you can give to your special someone! 

The Lovely Teddy is something that I would have loved to receive on Valentine’s Day back in high school. Remember those days when your crush would give you Valentine in front of your whole class? Yep, me neither, never experienced that haha! 

BUTTT what I’m saying is, if I could choose a gift to be given to me in front of everyone, I’d choose this. I mean, it’s so unique and it would probably last forever as it is made of high-quality artificial roses. It’ll be the perfect reminder of a perfect memory of a perfect day. 

Rose Crystal Box 

Last but not the least, for you who are ready to commit this Valentine’s Day, I have the perfect ring box that will display your promise of forever in the most romantic way possible. 

This is a preserved real rose in a glass-like case that sparkles when the light hits it just right. I mean, imagine this – they said yes and you’re taking prenup photos already, and you can use this to showcase the engagement ring and your marriage rings! Imagine what your talented photo team can come up with and the amazing story you can share during the reception. 10/10 for me. 

Still deciding which one to get? I know something that can help you decide. 

FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE and cash payment options! 

Plus, here’s an additional 15% off discount code to seal the deal: NESSAV15 at checkout, capped at P150. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog today, and I hope I was able to help you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Happy Heart’s Day! 

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