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Pili Ani (Pili Beauty and Wellness) Mystery Beauty Box II

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Claim to Fame: P500 spend for P2000 worth of items

Price: Free with a purchase of worth P500

Size: Assorted

Where to buy? Shopee, BeautyMNL, Official Website, StyleKorean, YesStyle, Go Bloom and Glow

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I finally got the Pili Ani Mystery Beauty Box II

Lately, I have been trying to explore local brands more and Pili Ani is one of those brands that I have been curious about for quite some time. So, when I saw that they were offering Mystery Boxes, I happily gave them a try. 

After all, my mystery box experiences have all been great so far so I had really high hopes for them, considering it is a premium skincare line. 

(See: Nacific Mystery Box, Charis Premium Lucky Bag)

Initially, I was having problems with the system as my order got tagged as failed even though the payment pushed through (and was deducted from my account)! Fortunately, after messaging the customer service team and waiting for the refund, it got easily fixed by choosing a different payment option. 

I scheduled my order for same-day pickup so I can get them ASAP (yep, I was THAT excited haha!) and the items were prepared a little later than scheduled (I set the pickup time for 12-1PM and I received the 'ready for pickup' SMS 15 minutes past 1PM), but that's okay, Mercury retrograde and all that. NBD. 

What they advertised: Buy P500 worth of items and get P2000 worth of products in your Mystery Beauty Box II

When the items arrived, I dove in and rather than being surprised, I was confused by the items I received. Instead of the cute teal box, my items were just in a paper bag along with the items that I bought. The content creator in me was hoping to film a fun unboxing video but there was no box (as advertised!) :( 

Don't get me wrong, I understand it's a Mystery Box and we don't really know which items we're going to get but this was the first time I received less than the advertised amount. 

Here's what I received + listed prices. 

Deep Detox Volcanic Ash Exfoliating Mask 60ml - ₱420 *

Rise and Shine Natural Essential Oil Blend 6ml - ₱265 *

Pili w/ Elemi Lip Balm in Mint 4ml - ₱225 *

and a fun-sized lipstick in Scarlet - price n/a *

Prices are taken from the official @pilibeauty Shopee store.

I was expecting to get at least ₱2k worth for ₱500 purchased as that is what is was mentioned in the Facebook post but sadly I only received less than ₱1k in kind. (₱910, to be exact!)

I did message the team again explaining what happened and looking for a resolution but I was only offered a refund option. After getting that response, I didn't reply anymore as I was dissatisfied (and a bit grumpy too as I haven't slept yet lol) already and just didn't want to put in more energy into it. 

I did read about a couple negative experiences regarding the mystery boxes, but those were mainly about expiration dates and I didn't really think much of them as I was planning to use the items soon enough. (ie, some customers got items that are expiring by Oct 2021)

But if you're wondering, yes, the items I got are kinda near expiry or expiring within 6 months, but that's okay with me, I know I can use the items within that time frame. 

All in all, it was a pretty underwhelming experience from a premium brand. While it may be a good deal for some, it's unfortunately not a "sulit" buy for me. 

On a positive, I did get their "Buy 40ml of Ageless Concentrate *, get 1 free 50g cream of your choice" promo, and that one is a good buy for me. I chose the Youthful Glow Facial Cream *.

Instead of the advertised P2000 worth, I only got a total of P910 worth of items in my mystery "box"

If you're planning to purchase Mystery Boxes, I suggest you look into other brands instead that will go above and beyond for you. 

How about you? Have you tried mystery boxes before? How was your experience? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

Connect with them online: 

Official Shopee Store: *







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  1. I got near expiry ones too. Waste of money, I could've just bought something else instead. :/

  2. I was about to purchase their mystery box but saw this first! Not worth my money!

  3. Had the same bad experience with their staff! So rude! Will never buy from this brand ever :( Too bad I liked their Ageless Concentrate but the customer service isn't worth it!

  4. Super disappointed with what I got too! Sayang lang pera! :(

  5. That is a straight up scam! False advertising to the core. Ew.

  6. I love their Ageless Concentrate but it's not worth supporting such a shady business practice! Finishing up my stock and never buying from this brand ever again!