I will...

I will...

Make it a point to get 10K steps a day - lessen trike, get off 1-2 stops earlier, stairs
Drink 2L of water - bring a pretty tumbler
Workout 3x a week - MWF is possible
Eat healthier - less meat, maybe pack lunches
Try Martial Arts - eps ARNIS!
Enroll in Modelling Classes

My goal is be firmer all over and to be healthier and stronger in general (and possibly run my first 5k soon). If possible, I just want to maintain my current weight.

21 - credit card, phone, savings, blog
22 - travel year
23 - own place
24 - car! LOL
25 - diploma

How would I introduce my 21-year old self to my 16-year old self?


I'm you, but five years older. I'm not what you expect, nor am I what you'll ever dream of.

You see me as an Occupational Therapist by this age, maybe on my way to passing the license exam. You envision me as part of a girl barkada.

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