This is Not a Drill: Alodia Gosiengfiao just released "Alodia Beauty"!!! | Makeup 2021

 In case you missed it --- Alodia Gosiengfiao released her own makeup line!! 

So, I was scrolling through Facebook as one does, and I saw a post in a popular Facebook group dedicated to makeup. 

"What do you think of Alodia's new makeup line?"

I read it again and checked out the link included. Indeed, my queen of cosplay released her own makeup! I immediately picked out a couple shades and hit check out. (Will update this post once I receive them, promise!)

It's game time! 🖤 Live now at 🤍 Alodia Beauty

Posted by Alodia Gosiengfiao on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

There are 12 shades currently released, and these color descriptions are based on her live stream and what I thought of the shades based on the available swatches

  • Peach Princess (vibrant peachy-pink)
  • Rogue (dark peachy neutral)
  • Nerf This (bright barbie pink)
  • Respawn (light peachy neutral))
  • Glitch (pinkish red)
  • Haste (true red)
  • Wicked (dark red)
  • Focus (orange/tomato red)
  • Boss (purple/pink)
  • Stealth (ashy neutral brown)
  • Revive (soft pink)
  • Black Mage (true black)

swatches from @alodia's IG Story

I chose 5 shades that really spoke to me, which are Boss, Nerf This, Rogue, Stealth, and Haste. I wanted to get her Black Mage but it was sadly sold out. IN LESS THAN A DAY!!! I wish it'll be restocked soon! (She did say by next month but I wish they restock sooner!)

Based on the photos, there were a lot of similar shades so I went for those with different color stories. I watched her stream and she said that these are paraben-free, cruelty-free. smudge-proof, face mask friendly, and that only one swipe needed as two layers may be too thick. 

As of the moment, there is no available video of the lippies being applied except her live stream and from that video, I can say that they apply beautifully and smoothly. Crossed fingers that's how they will be in real life! 

She announced this through social media posts and when I was watching her live stream, her black shade sold out early on and that's incredible! That's around 4-5 hours or less from her official release date! 

Congratulations Alodia! I am very excited to try out your liquid lippie formula! 

You can find more information here: 

Alodia's Instagram Page :
Alodia Beauty's Facebook Page:


  1. I am not surprised that celebrities are transitioning to make up, skin care or cosmetic line. Alodia, who has a huge following would definitely have her good share of make up patrons, provided with the right marketing.

    Kaso medyo pricey sya for me, if nasa 400 and above ung lipstick price range compared to BLK. But let us see.

    Wait ko na lang ang reviews about her products.

    1. i agree with the price range, pero i'm hoping it's good kasi i saw her use it sa live. i hope the price point will be justified by the quality

  2. As I'm reading, the first thought that came to mind is #SaveRalph. It's good to know that this is cruelty-free! I love Respawn and Revive.

    1. same thoughts! kaya i really wanted to check on all details necessary before I bought her stuff. :) buti na mention nya sa live na cruelty free yung items

  3. super ganda talaga ni ate alodia !!!

  4. This girl has been in the business for years and she keeps evolving! Not greedy at all unlike many influencers out there. Good for her, and yes she got a good Momager too :)

    1. little to no drama din, kaya di nakakawalang gana supportahan. :) i admire her business skills sa totoo lang :)

  5. Im not a big fan of wearing makeup, However I admire Alodia Gosiengfao for her successful career in the gaming, vlogging, cosplaying industry, This girl is an absolutely total package <3

    1. right? very smart too! she knows her path talaga and super hard working pa

  6. Wow! Halos lahat na ata ng artista ngayon may mga sariling makeup line na no!!! Galing nila. Ang daming magandang shades, ang hirap pumili hahaha

  7. ang gaganda ng shades! super bet ko!!!!! haste kaya yung shade na suot niya? seems affordable din ha!! will try it out!

  8. Hooray to cruelty-free products! Good job to Alodia! The shades are more on nudes and mauves which are wearable. I am looking forward to try Rogue!

  9. I’ve heard of her and i wonder if pang cosplayers din yung make up nya. Ang dark ng theme though paran ngang black swan haha

  10. This is great news for beauty enthusiasts and Alodia fans. It's a great business venture especially because she has a strong fan base, so support is sure to come her way.

  11. Wow! She also entered the make up industry. Gamers would surely love this. Gaganda ng shades.

  12. so nice naman po nito ☺️ love this so pretty 😍 and congrats to ms alodia 🥰

  13. Alodia ain't human, she's an angel <3