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A House Is A Smarter Purchase Than A Car, Here’s Why

A house and a car are both essential for improving everyday living. They’re both huge investments, and it can be hard for starting families to secure them at the same time. If you only have the means to buy one, purchase a house first. This is a smarter financial choice for the household in the long run.

But, why is a home a smarter choice than a car? Here are the top reasons.

The value of a house appreciates over time

If there’s one reason why a house is a wiser financial choice, it’s because its value appreciates over time. Unlike a car that depreciates fast, the value of a house always increases. Given you maintain the house properly, its value can increase even more. 

Unless you purchase a limited edition or an antique car, it won’t increase in value even if you use it with utmost care. This makes the house all the more valuable if you plan to sell it later on.

House is a great passive source of income

To be fair, a car can also be a great source of passive income. You can use it for rental services or ride-sharing. However, a house is still one of the most profitable passive sources of income. Property rentals can increase in value after only a short time, especially if the house is in a strategic location.

Although, note that you may have to pay for the house’s maintenance, remodeling, and repair costs. You may also have to deal with tenant complaints once in a while. Still, it can reap great returns because you can increase the rental price as the land of the value goes up.

It provides a better work-life balance

It may not seem like it, but a home promotes a better work-life balance. As you’re likely to purchase the home near your workplace, you can skip the stressful commute and long hours in traffic. According to a study in 2017, you can save up to 16 days worth of time per year by living close to your workplace.

Aside from providing a better work-life balance, it keeps you fit too! As your home is near your workplace, you can skip the long hours of sitting in your car. Best of all, you can use this time to do your hobbies and create more beautiful memories with your family.

Buy your first home today!

Secure your first home in a strategic location! Make sure to prioritize buying a house as it’s a smarter and wiser financial choice for your family. For houses that are Sakto Sa’yo, Sakto sa Gusto mo, choose BellaVita today! 

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