REVIEW: COMMONLABS Dual Vita Anti-Oxidant Ampoule | Skincare 2020

The Dual Vita Anti-Oxidant Ampoule is Commonlabs' solution to most skincare problems -- they created the perfect oxygen protection system consisting of powerhouse anti-oxidants and 63% Lemon Myrtle Leaf Extract!

The 6 Key Antioxidant Components are:

🍊Vitamin C

🍊Vitamin E

🍊Ferulic Acid

🍊Fullerene Gluconolactone


All of these double the Antioxidant Synergy Effect, in this adorable amber bottle!

If you have dry skin or looking to prevent skin aging (like me!), this ampoule is for you! It has 15% Pure Vitamin C which is the highest percentage that can guarantee premium results!

I use this during my bedtime routine so it can help restore my skin's health! I also make sure to use extra sunscreen when I use this as UV rays and Vitamin C are not really friends lol!

What do you think of Vitamin C Ampoules? Have you tried one?

♥️Bonus! They are currently having the last sale of the year, at almost 55% off at Shopee ( or check the link in their bio!!!

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