Rhea Generics' Solution to "Quarantine Stress" | PR 2020

I've always had motion sickness since I was a kid, and my lola's remedy is always something nice to smell. It can be her perfume, an orange peel, or my favorite, a menthol balms. Even now that I am in my 20s, I still have a bottle or a tin of anything menthol in my bag (and on my desk!) to relax and refresh me. It's a scent that I associate with calm and safety. I take a sniff or apply some to my temples when I feel like I need to center myself, or when I am studying for exams (Read: "My Online School Study Tips" to know why!). 

So, when a package arrived from Rhea Generics earlier today, I felt like kid opening an early birthday present!

Rhea Generics is considered as one of the most trusted names in the health and wellness industry. With more than 40 years of producing quality and affordable healthcare products, Rhea is now a by-word of every household.

Here's what they sent me: 

Rhea Cold Rub Ointment

For the relief of nasal congestion and cough associated with common colds.

Rhea Superscent Oil Sparomatic (WINNER!!)

For massage and aromatherapy with lavender scent.

Rhea Superscent Oil 

Superscent’s Methyl Salicylate is imported from France, ensuring its high quality properties. It is effective for the relief of sprains, cramps, stiff neck, rheumatism and other muscular pains.

Rhea Aceite de Manzanilla

Locally applied in the abdomen for the relief of gas pains.

Rhea Hydrogen Peroxide

For the treatment and cleansing of wounds.

Rhea Mentopas

Used for back pain; pain in shoulder joint; tendons; arthritis; muscle strains or sprains; bruising; cramping; anti-pain topical medication; muscle or joint pain and other conditions.

Rhea Povidone + Wipes

Used for skin disinfection of operation sites; wounds; prior to inj; vaginitis; trichomonas and nonspecific bacteria.

Rhea Calcium Ascorbate + Zinc

For the prevention and treatment of Vitamin C and Zinc deficiencies.

You can purchase Rhea Generics items online via:

Shopee: https://shopee.ph/philusacorporation

Watsons: https://www.watsons.com.ph/search?q=rhea%3AmostRelevant%3AmasterBrandName%3ARhea&text=rhea&minSel=15.0&maxSel=225.0&minSlider=15.0&maxSlider=225.0&resultsForPage=30&sort=#

Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph/rhea_1/?spm=a2o4l.pdp.0.0.325d5016l2Knzd

Thank you to BrandBuzz PH Millenials for making this partnership happen. 

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