A Midnight Letter to Myself | Life 2020

I know it hurts right now.

I know that pain. 

And I want to let you know that it's okay. Let it out. Cry. 

But afterwards, I want you to stand up, wipe away the tears, and smile.

You are more than what your demons tell you. 

You are more than enough, you are worthy, and I am so damn proud of you for fighting back and facing them head-on. 

Come with me, let me remind you of what you have accomplished this past ten years and why I want you to stay. 

Please stay, because you have so much to offer the world. Your creativity and passion and ideas are trailblazers. Take pride in your courage, walking the road less traveled. 

Find peace in your heart that not everyone in your life needs to stay, not everyone needs to be with you every second of every day. Find solace in the chance to explore the world on your own, to love yourself more, and learn how to comfort yourself. 

You've come a long way, and there's so much farther to go. 

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