Top 5 Favorite Pinay Youtube Vloggers

Hi! Glad to see you, how are you feeling?

I'm doing good, very inspired to be honest. I've just had my sixth cup of coffee and I'm buzzing like crazy! I have written at least five blog posts ready to be published and I love it! It finally feels like I'm getting back on track and I'm very productive and it's the best feeling ever! I hope I can sustain this even without coffee.

Anyway, today I'm sharing with you my top 5 favorite Pinay Youtubers. This is in no order whatsoever, these are just the people that I love watching everytime I go online. As in, I get excited when I see they have new posts! I'll also link one of their recent videos here so you can check them out!


Anne Clutz

I like her because she's like my kikay tita who's always updated with makeup happenings and is just so excited to share her new finds with me. Her reviews are substantial and I usually depend on her for items I can try that works well with oily skin. Her vlogs are nice too, I usually watch her vlogs while I'm cleaning up the house, it makes me feel less alone. LOL


Anna Cay

OMG THIS GIRL! She's seriously someone I aspire to. I feel like if you want to be successful on Youtube, Anna would be the best role model. I love watching her videos from the very start up to where is now because I can really see her growth and how she has improved. Her personality is also very endearing. She's the rich-rich kind of girl, like, she doesn't feel the need to prove that she's rich, she just is and she just shows her true self. No pretentions at all and that why I love her. She has a lot of variety too.


Ana Victorino

I've been a fan of her since day one. I love how concise her makeup tutorials are and how she always does something creative. When I saw her posting again, I was so happy because I really missed watching her videos. She's literally a chameleon and I get most of my makeup inspirations from her because I think we have similar features (big eyes and lips). Her tutorials are always quick and easy to follow, and the looks always come out very polished. I know how it is to film videos like hers and I admire her for making it information packed but still quick. As I said, concise.


Haley Dasovich

If I need a confidence booster, I watch her and her brother, Wil Dasovich. They just inspire me to do more and do better. They show me that I can achieve what I want, but I have to absolutely go for it. I have to fuel my goals with passion and perseverance. I love her Youtube growth story too. It just shows that with the right mindset, you can do anything and I love that she's living proof.

Haley and Wil, by the one in a million chance that you're reading this, I hope that you know that you two are awesome people. What you're going through right now is a challenge I know you'll be able to survive.


Kris Lumagui

If you need a dose of energy, check this girl out! She's fun, fierce and talented. I love that everytime she films, even the simplest videos, her looks are creative. It shows that her videos are well planned and thought out, and I like that. We're also friends on Facebook, and I love that she answers private messages and comments. It makes fan girling about her really easy and it makes me feel valued. Like, the personal touch that mainstream celebrities sometimes lack. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Ate Kris!

And those are my top five favorite Pinay Youtubers! I know, the first three literally have the same name, but they have vastly different personalities, which is super cool in my opinion.

Maybe next time I'll post about my top five foreign Youtubers, but I haven't watched a lot of foreign Youtubers lately because I just didn't feel like it.

But enough blabbing.

Thank you so much for reading and do let me know who your favorites are in the comments below!

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