REVIEW: elf Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

 First post of the year! Am I excited or what?! 

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And now, on with the review!

elf Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

(picture is not mine, I got it from this blog)

Price: PhP 129.75

Packaging: Sleek, looks pricier than its actual price because of the black and silver colors, shorter than your average pen and circumference is like a Sharpie. The product comes in a plastic and paper container (which I mindlessly threw away) and it was a little hard to open (the paper stuck to the plastic, but I kinda expected that.) There are labels on which end is regular and waterproof.

Brush: short fibers (looks synthetic) and is in a spiraly pattern thingy that claims to volumize, lengthen, curl and define lashes in single strokes. The wand is short and provides sufficient control. The downside is that it smudges on my lower lashes! Always!

Consistency: It's quite thick and dry, the regular one being slightly wetter than the waterproof one. Color pay-off is quite amazing, but it takes a lot of minutes to dry completely. They also leave my lashes quite stiff.

This is how it looks on my lashes.

bare lashes

curled lashes
with the waterproof mascara

with the regular mascara
waterproof mascara..

regular mascara..

All in all, I think this mascara is quite nice.. It's definitely one of those impulsive buys that feel worth it. With the price, it is very affordable, but I don't think that having to travel to Manila just to buy this would be worth it for others (it's also sold in Cebu, but I don't know where else in the Philippines.), and ordering it online is just not practical for me (super high shipping fees, anyone?).

With the volumize, lengthen, curl and define promise though, I didn't see any volumizing jazz on my lashes, more on the definition and lengthening.. The curl thing? I think nothing phenomenal really happened. I mean, my lashes didn't super curl or anything. (When I read 'curls your lashes' on mascara I immediately expect spiral curls on my lashes. Yup. I'm that weird. :P) 

  I guess I would say that this mascara is a 4/5, because what I want with a mascara is one that looks natural (in contrary to the trend of the false lashes effect nowadays..). Also, that's what makeup is about, isn't it? Enhancing natural beauty instead of transforming it?

Well, that's my two cents on that mascara. As of repurchasing it, I'm still on the decision-making side.

Packaging: 5/5
Brush: 4/5
Consistency: 3/5
Over-all: 4/5

For more information about this mascara, click this!


I bought a few stuff today! I'll do another haul post ASAP. (i.e. when Mr.Sun greets me good morning tomorrow, so that the lighting would be awesome. :D)

That's it, and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Also, what's your thoughts about this mascara or elf in general? Tell me in the comments below! :)

Hugs, Nessa :*

P.S.! Thank you for all the comments and the support!

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