My Charis Celeb Experience | PR 2020

Hello! I'm Nessa, your resident Bulakenya in Manila and your latest Charis Celeb! 

YES, you read that right! I am now a Charis Celeb! I applied last November 8th and got accepted on the 11th. I honestly couldn't believe it! It was seriously a surreal experience -- I mean, the Charis Celebs I know are Lou Sanchez, Rei Germar, and all these big Youtubers and it feels so warm and fuzzy to be one of them!

If you want to know how to become a Charis Celeb, just click here. 

Anyway, the reason why I'm writing this is to have a dedicated page for all my Charis Celeb reviews! All the products listed here will be from Charis, along with a link to my review!

1. Patch Holic Colorpick Masks

photo from Charis

2. A Stop Clear Toner 

3. 3 Days Repair Cream 

4. Rose All Day

5. Skin Soothing Gel 

6. The Hayan White Cream 

7. Plus Moisture Lotion 

8. Tecasol Gel Cream 

9. Clear Serum 

10. Clear Balm 

11. Foam Face and Body Cleanser

12. Merzy Mascara

13. Merzy Lipstick 

14. Madecica

15. A Stop Patches

16. Aestura Soothing Emulsion

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