My Life as a Creator


On Friday the 13th, I became part of history. I was chosen as one of the fifty content creators who attended the first ever #AMDCreateYourContentWorkshop in collaboration with ASUS Philippines. 

We were introduced to the latest releases of AMD and ASUS Philippines, had a fun discussion with Nate Punzalan about staying grounded, using our influence responsibly and the emotional process of creating content. We also learned from Mike Manansala on how to  tell a story visually, with emphasis on the three main stages: Visualizing, Application and Production. 

My biggest takeaway is that "Not everyone can be an influencer, but everyone is an influence.", which for me means that we, as users of the various social media platforms have an innate duty to use them appropriately and an responsibly. 

Thank you to the teams of AMD and ASUS Philippines for this opportunity to learn and meet fellow creatives. What you shared with us is a priceless gift that we will bring with us to the top. 

This video also serves as my official submission for our homework, to create a video that answers the question: Why do you create content?". 

My answer, although it took quite some time to materialize, is simple. Because I know what I'm doing today will lead me to where I want to be tomorrow. I have been a creator my whole life, but I only started documenting via YouTube in 2011. A young Bulakenya in her room recording video diaries to a college student who would compose numerous originals in her dorm room, and now, a clueless young adult exploring what the world has to offer. 

Somehow, that young Bulakenya knew that someday, her dreams would become a reality. Dreams that I am now living and experiencing everyday. With that as proof, I believe that my dreams and ideas today is already my reality in the future. 

This is Nessa, your resident Bulakenya in Manila and thank you so much for watching. See you in my next video! 

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