All aBoard XL Gigantic Plays + Meeting Eric Lang | Events 2019


All Aboard XL, The BIGGEST Table Top Gaming Event (May 18, 2019) brought me straight back to childhood! It was filled with laughter, fun and tons excitement that I shared with new found friends! The highlights of the event were getting to meet a world renowned board game developer, Eric Lang (he just designed like a hundred something games and was awarded a Diana Jones Award back in 2016, nbd), winning the XL version of Forbidden Island (on our 2nd try!), seeing other XL versions of the games, and of course, meeting new people (shout out to Kara, Diane, Em and Jan!)! The staff were very accommodating and patient, seeing as I had zero knowledge on how to play the games! I thought I would feel out of place, but once we started playing the games I didn't want to stop! I especially loved "Codenames" and I'm actually thinking to get my own copy! All Aboard XL is an event for everyone! There are educational games for little ones, games for the barkada, and of course challenging ones for the die hard gamers! There are a lot of different kinds of games too, from fantasy to strategy to whatever your hearts desire! Thank you so much to Revu PH for inviting me to this life changing event! (P.S. For more photos and to know more about Eric, please check out my blog, ) #GamingLibrary #AllAboardXL #GamingLibXL #BoardGames #TableTopGaming #revuph - Nessa

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