Trying this vlogging/blogging thing again. 

Not much fanfare this time, just pure recording. Will also try and catch up with editing the footage I have stored somewhere. 

I just need some space to write my thoughts again. Don't really have a lot of people I can bother with my nonsense so let's just dump everything here, yes? 


Is this what they call acid reflux? Or is this just my hunger talking? LOL, don't even know what my own body is saying anymore. 

Everything is leaking too -- runny nose, teary eyes, wtf. I guess I'll just take a nap, yes? 


No nap taken.

Just got an IR. 

I should've just taken a nap. 

On the bright side, I haven't had an IR for phone usage for quite some time so that's probably reset by now. But who knows. With all the issues I currently have, might as well get the fuck out. 

Is this my mood doing all this? Or are they just my bad luck charms? Just when I was cleared of everything.. lol.. funny how life works yeah? 

Days like this I just wanna marry a old rich guy that'll die quickly so I can get his money and live in peace away from all this shit. 

Now let's play the waiting game for the public shaming that's most likely going to happen. How to ruin your team member's day 101 and How to alienate your team member 411 lol 

One thing's clear though.. I shouldn't have never left the chat team. 


Back from a nap. 

Let's just get this day over with? Yeah? 

Also, no longer hoping for that TIU promotion thingy. Haven't heard anything yet -- probably dead due to the shit that has happened lately. 


Just got done with a 1 on 1 with the HR. 

Just the typical 


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