Back to School Haul 2017

I know, I know, I'm a bit late into the game, but my school year starts in September, so I didn't really want to rush buying school supplies just to post it early. I also wanted to make sure that I'm going to get the items that I'm actually going to use and I curated my list very strictly. I went from having about 50 items on my list down to 21 items. I'm also planning to get additional items, but they are not priorities right now.

ICYMI, I am a working student, I'm taking up AB Humanities at University of Asia and the Pacific and I'm currently a sophomore. I also got all items from National Bookstore, because it's my favorite store ever!

With that said, here are the items I got;

Notebooks - ₱26.00 each

I have 4 classes this semester (Theatre, Modern Literature, Asia Pacific Studies - Japan and Philosophy Anthropology) and I'm also planning to take up Basic Fashion Styling at SoFA Design Institute which is why I have 5 notebooks. 4 for Acads and one for my extra-curricular class.

I chose this notebooks because I like the size and line spaces because my handwriting is on the big side. The price is just a plus. I'm also not too partial with the design because I'm planning to revamp my notebooks.

Yellow Pad - ₱34.50

Of course, yellow pad. The ultimate basic necessity of a college student.

Plastic Envelope - ₱29.75

To keep all my loose papers.

Index Cards - ₱26.00

I use index cards for everything, from flash cards to notes to additional space in my planner.

Grab & Go pack - ₱100

You guys, this is heaven sent! I literally had most of these items on my list, and when I saw this I immediately got it, because I'd rather pay 100 for 3 items on my list that 300+ for those items from different brands.

Pens - ₱9 each

Of course, I had to get my favorite pens of all time. I like these because they're cheap, but the quality is up to par with expensive pens. I bought several because I always loose these pens.

Correction Tape - ₱25.75

Gotta correct them mistakes y'all.

Colored Paper - ₱15.50 each and Glue Stick - ₱22.00

I'm going to use these to decorate my notebooks, along with any other items I find in my craft box. I'll do a blog post on that as well.

Pencil Case - Gift

I was looking for a basic,. standard, no frills and cheap pencil case but I wasn't able to find any that fit my budget and aesthetic, so I just decided to use this watermelon pouch that I had lying around. My uber trendy friend, Jerrylyn, gave this to me about 2 Christmases ago. I miss you!

And that concludes my Back to School - School Supplies haul! I also made a haul video, so be sure to check that out! Next post will be all about my makeup and lifestyle haul, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

What's your favorite school supply item? Let me know in the comment section below!

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