So. Um.

Do I want to include vlogging everyday into my April project too? I don't really know, What I do know is that I want to go to The Alley, the newest "buffet" in the area. Well, not really in "the area", but I reaally wanna go.

Granted, I don't have that much of an appetite like before (since I'm slowly being weaned from prednisone), but I can still make taob the kaldero. LOL!

I'm only going if I workout everyday for the week though. Yesterday's workout didn't really go as planned, but I'm proud of myself because I still fucking worked out. My arms currently hurt, I was not able to finish most of the planned workout I had in mind, but I still did it. Yay me.

I feel like I would have to go easy on working out though. Something got really messed up inside me and by lower abso-fucking-lutely hurts during certain moves. I'd have to take note of my body first, and then get checked. This is not normal.

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