Really, truly, the best Dramione fanfiction out there.


Most of the below contain adult scenes, so proceed with caution. I give the rating listed by each separate site’s rating scheme, so as usual, AO3′s “M” may not be equivalent to’s “M.” This list will be updated as I continue my forays into the depths of the Dramione fandom. If you have anything to add, message me and I’ll take a look!


Beautiful Enigma by mister_otter [M]

A Victorian historical AU: one of my few exceptions to a general dislike of the Veela fic.

Claiming Draco Malfoy by pagan [E]

Ah, the “marriage of convenience” trope is one of my favorites, and this is one of the best fics I’ve read featuring this little plot device. The emotion is almost tangible.

Dirty Little Secrets by Eilonwy [MA]

The “fake marriage" trope is always a good idea, and this is no exception.

First Thursdays by thesydda [E]

I love the idea of an established Granger/Malfoy friendship, and this nails it.

Graveyard Valentine by Bex-chan [M]

An unconventional structure with an extremely slow burn, if you’re going temporally. 

Minimal Risk by galfoy [M]

As Ron and Hermione’s relationship falls apart, Draco courts her one day a year. Draco’s characterization in this is spot-on.

Siren Song by Captainraychill [E]

One of my favorite dark!AUs. The tone and imagery are fantastic.

Strings on us by Arcacia [M]

A dazzlingly abstract and somewhat confusing look at the red string of fate legend.

The Endless In Between by Darkrivertempest [E]

Another historical AU going through multiple lifetimes.

I’m a sucker for historical AUs, and this one takes the cake in terms of both breadth and realism.



A Muggle-born Magic by Musyc [MA]

A lovely Regency-era AU, one of the few I like that deal with Scorpius.

Bad Faith by Morrighan256 [M]

Draco and Hermione are forced to work together, and eventually fall in love: this trope is another staple, and this is certainly one of the best.

Cruel and Beautiful World
by Lena Phoria [M]

Dark, but so, so good. Contains mention of rape, murder, torture, etc., so be wary if you’re squeamish.

Find Your Way Back by Musyc [E]

Anything by Musyc is amazing, and this is no exception. I love EWE Ministry fics, and this is one of the best.

Isolation by Bex-chan [M]

Another staple of any Dramione fic rec list. My recommended introduction to the wonderful world of Dramione if you’re new to the ship.

The Captive’s Dream by Elysium [MA]

Another Regency!AU, and a fantastic one at that.

The Fallout by everythursday [MA]

Seriously, does The Fallout really need a review? It’s more or less the gold standard of Dramione: I dare you to find a fic rec list without this on it. For once, the hype truly is real. Enough said. It is longer than the first three Harry Potter books combined, so prepare for a time commitment. 

The Politician’s Wife by pir8fancier [MA]

Cheating, as well as hilarity. Just amazing.

The Practice of Deceit by Eilonwy [MA]

How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Dramione-style.

Thirteenth Night by nelpher [MA]

Another classic of Dramione. Amnesia and ice cream: what more could you want?

We Learned the Sea by luckei1 [T]

One of the few stories I’ve been able to get through without gratuitous smut, which is saying something. Characterization is spot-on, and it’s hilarious to boot.


Bookworm and the Beast by JustRaeInc [M]

Head Boy/Head Girl fics are usually horribly cliché, but this one pulls it off.

Disasterology by provocative_envy [E]

I’m not much a fan of Veela fics, but this is one of the few exceptions. The writing is phenomenal. 

Midnight by Kicaelum [M]

One of those fics you almost don’t want to read because you’ll be heartbroken when you realize it’s unfinished. This one is worth it, though.

Tender Vengeance by Margot Le Faye [MA]

For some reason, the captive!Hermione fic is pretty common. I love Hermione and Ginny’s relationship in this.

The Complexity of Carnal Knowledge by AkashaTheKitty [MA]

Draco and Hermione are forced to work together to round up Death Eaters. Smut ensues. One of my favorites by AkashaTheKitty.

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