Questions | Poetry 2016

I've always been one with poetry
I've always known which words to use
I've always believed in the patience of paper
I've always told my story with ink

Once again I ask for leniency
Let me express my feelings
I need to write out my agony
Lest I let sorrow ruin me

There are certain people with me
In my mind, in sleep and dream
For a few moments they leave me
But they always return to spite me

How ashamed I am to admit
That these people are my family
The ones who torture me mentally
Share the same blood as me

It's hard, it's depressing
To think that they test my sanity
Over and over for nineteen years
Are you trying to break me?

I don't know what your goal is
You have once forced me off the cliff
Once again are you pushing me
And make sure to this time end me?


Disclaimer: These were written during one of the darkest points of my life. I have since recovered and I just wanted to share what helped me survive. :)

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