My First Active One RX Order | Reviews 2016

I finally tried it!! After two years of being employed here, I have finally taken advantage of one of our most useful yet least popular perks. Happy employee here :)

From their site;

ActiveoneRx, an online pharmacy solution, is a licensed retailer of pharmaceutical products committed to providing employees of ActiveOne clients with high-quality prescription medication right at their doorstep. With convenience, quality and value for money as its core values, ActiveoneRx promises to deliver only the trusted and effective brand and generic medication with guaranteed free shipping and the best price available with every transaction.

I ordered on November 12, 2016 and it was delivered on November 17, 2016. Not bad. We have the option to pay for it upfront or have it deducted directly from our salary. I chose the latter option because it was more convenient and assures that I don't have anything left to pay.

I ordered the following;

I would have to check my favorite drugstore and see if I did save money. If I did, I will update this post and surely order from Active One RX rather than go to the physical drugstore. I will lose a few points, yes, but I will save more cash. That reason alone (saving) is enough for me to patronize the perk.

The selection was more appealing to people with families in my opinion, but I was still able to find my basics such as multivitamins and feminine care. There are OTC drugs available as well, but since I prefer generic brands I don't feel the need to order online.

All in all, I'm happy with the Active One RX. Definitely #happyhere :)

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