Yet another Dear Diary post.. Apologies for not blogging yesterday. Too caught up in events. I'm sorry if I'm, yet again, sharing too much on the internet.

You see, this is what remains of me online. In a way, I guess. I just deactivated my Facebook account and unplugged my simcard from my phone. Why? Well that's another issue.

We got into a fight (again) about my social life. I try my best to explain my side of the story but it seems like it's not coming through. It just.. goes in one ear and goes out the other.

For the guys who come across this post, please enlighten me why you can't seem to see the effort we girls do to be able to express ourselves but at the same time factor in your possible reactions and expectations. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you can't keep us in a box? That you can't mold us into the perfect woman for you? That we won't fit in?

Before we've even met you, we already have our own lives. Our own wants and needs. Our own hobbies. We have formed our opinions and our beliefs. We are already our own person. We have our own personality.

Then you come along and woo us, and get to know who we are. You say all these pretty words and tell us who accept us for who we are.. but don't do this and don't do that.


I don't get it.

I can adjust to a certain

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