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Hey guys!


That's bit too common. I think I'll call you "Babe". You are all babes to me! Para maiba diba? (I hope my boyfriend doesn't get mad lol. He's lurking here somewhere 😂)

Let's start again.

Hey babe! Today I'm sharing with you my first haul on this blog for this year! 

First beauty related post too! I wasn't really planning to buy anything, but I needed a stable wifi connection to finish my homework so I went to Glorietta. Three hours later I ended up with this stuff. Just kidding. I was actually trying to find white shoes because mine gave up a few weeks back.. and because I failed to budget my money prior to going to the mall, I ended up in Landmark with a few "necessary" items... 

The Sassa activewear was on a 50% off sale, and I was able to dig up (you know how sale piles look) a plain black jogging pants in my size. I've been a fan of Sassa because of the quality, but I've only got their items during sales because the prices are a little out of budget. These pants were but now it's only 275. 

Next is a generic sports bra that cost me 179. There were a lot of choices, surprisingly, and I tried on a lot. The only one that met my standard was this one. I also got some plain socks from Surplus worth 100, because mine needs replacing. Hehe, I think the main reason why I got workout clothes is because I want to inspire and chide myself into working out. Sayang naman pera kung di ko susuot diba? It worked the first time I went to the gym, and I'm quite sure it'll work now. :) 

Now, we go to MAKEUP!!! I am so excited for these items, because they are cheap but good quality and well made. It'sa bonus that it's local brands too. The first items I saw were the Careline lippie which I've been on the hunt since I saw the ig stories. And now, I've got themm!! I desperately want to wear them but i want to make a first impressions review on my youtube channel so watch out for that! I also got a ltd from eb. I actually recommended this to my friend and she loved it, so I wanted to get my own. 

I'll do a review of this as well. Last but not the least, I have my favorite x10000 blush and contour duo which I have missed badly ever since I hit pan on it. It was the first blush I hit the pan of! I don't really want powder blush hehe Then, the saleslady was really nice and gave me a free item! I think I'll use this for my 500 challenge And that's the damage done! But hey, I believe I deserve it. I've been super stressed and down from working (eating) so hard these past few months that I need (retail) therapy! I have also wanted these items and have thought about ourchasibg these -- okay that's a lie, scratch that. 

Thank you so much for reading! What's your latest purchase?

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