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Prodigal Blogger and Getting Out of Debt | Life 2017

I went offline for a bit just to center myself and make myself miss blogging. I guess it's just that I wasn't seeing the returns that I was expecting and that kind of dulled the experience for me. So I decided to just leave and I "journalled" offline instead. I went back to good old writing on a notebook which is honestly not that good anymore in my opinion. My hands are no longer able to catch up with my mind, and perhaps it's also due to my apartment being not conducive to writing -- I have no chairs or even a functional table to use.

I'm just a damn mess to be honest. This is probably the longest time that I have been a mess in my life and it really is taking a huge toll on me. I tried to write 3 things that I have done that I am proud of everyday, and there was one day when I couldn't even think of a tiny one. Strange and sad, to be honest.

I even failed my midterms exam and didn't pass a paper I wrote. So much for staying on top of my game.

But I…