Prodigal Blogger and Getting Out of Debt | Life 2017

I went offline for a bit just to center myself and make myself miss blogging. I guess it's just that I wasn't seeing the returns that I was expecting and that kind of dulled the experience for me. So I decided to just leave and I "journalled" offline instead. I went back to good old writing on a notebook which is honestly not that good anymore in my opinion. My hands are no longer able to catch up with my mind, and perhaps it's also due to my apartment being not conducive to writing -- I have no chairs or even a functional table to use.

I'm just a damn mess to be honest. This is probably the longest time that I have been a mess in my life and it really is taking a huge toll on me. I tried to write 3 things that I have done that I am proud of everyday, and there was one day when I couldn't even think of a tiny one. Strange and sad, to be honest.

I even failed my midterms exam and didn't pass a paper I wrote. So much for staying on top of my game.

But I guess that's it, and I just have to make myself get up and step up.

I can tell you that my life is easy and fun, that I'm on the top of the world, but to be honest, IT IS SUPER DUPER HARD.

19% of my monthly earnings automatically go towards my tuition fee.

Almost 44% of my monthly earnings go towards paying off my debt. (Yes, I have debt, and I am ashamed that I let myself accumulate almost 50k in debt by the age of 21. I am currently doing my very best to pay it off.)

I live off the remaining 37% of my income. Some time ago, I realized the disparaging situation that I am in and I am now striving to think of ways on how to earn money on the side. One thing that I feel like is going to be successful is my baby project, reselling.

It started like this -- one of my teammates asked if I could buy some items from my hometown and he'd just pay for it when I get back. I agreed, and for some reason news spread that I was selling the said item. With a consultation and blessing from my grandmother (she's the queen of buy and sell in my opinion, it was how she and my grandfather paid for my father, aunt and uncle's college tuition back in the day.), I owned up to the reselling the item. I started with just 3 orders for the first batch, and for the 2nd batch I had 10 orders, with other people asking if there are any items left. My goal is to get 15 orders for my 3rd batch. Never did I imagine to be this kind of girl, and I have always told people that I'm not a businesswoman.

But here I am.

This chance experience got my mind into thinking about how else I can earn money from sidelines. For now I am sticking to reselling items and see how this will go on from here. I'm also hatching a business idea with my best friends, which I hope we can put into action once we have the capital (which I'll be getting from my "profit". Wow, I never thought I'd be saying that, ever.)

It also reignited my passion for blogging, because I know that I can use this platform to help me out -- not only with organizing my thoughts but to earn money on the side. To the point that I even wanted to move my blog to blogspot because of AdSense. That may never happen another though, because I don't like the format of Blogspot. Or maybe I grew out of it. My teenage blogs were on that platform and for some reason I can't help but see the templates as amateur. I feel like my blog here on Wordpress looks a lot more professional and streamlined with how I'd like my online presence to be.

In line with that thought, I also realized that in order to make money, I would have to shell out some cash as well. For example, in order to monetize my blog, I have to purchase a Plan Upgrade first, and then connect it with my Google AdSense account. Or maybe there's another way for that, but right now that's how I see it because although I have been blogging for quite sometime, I still have no idea how this shit really works.

I do intend to work it out though. I want to learn how this all works and how I can benefit from it in the long run. My ultimate goal is to retire by the time I am 35 and intend to do that.

I want to maximize all possible avenues that I can explore to earn more assets and finally, once and for all, demolish my incurred debt. One peso at a time.

I will try my best to document this on this blog, which I plan to monetize by January 2018.

Here's to finally achieving my dreams. :)

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