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    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever felt something along the lines of.. "I am supposed to be here."?

I felt that earlier, and I haven't felt that in a very long time.. Nowadays I would say that I'm not a very religious person, and I guess I'm really not. I didn't believe in religion. I believed in my relationship with God and how that has touched my life in all ways possible.

You see, I grew up in a strictly Catholic household. My grandparents were members of Couple for Christ. I was in Kids for Christ and later joined Youth for Christ. I was also a member of Children's Sunday Bible Study. I regularly went on households, retreats, camps, and conferences. I was leading groups. Speaking in front of people. I was playing worship songs.

Then, I just stopped.

I could say that I didn't know what happened, or that I just got busy.. but in reality, my parents did the right thing.

I became involved with a fellow YFC who was much older than me (more or less 10 years) and my parents found out. They banned me from attending any future events regarding YFC. I was grounded. I begged to go back, but they didn't allow me.

I spent a good part of the year sulking and sulking and then I wasn't. I got used to not going out all the time. I got used to free time, which I usually didn't have before. I also started college and suddenly I was part of a whole new world.

I tried to go back to YFC, I really did. There was a YFC Ubelt branch that I got invited to, but that didn't go as planned. I also got invited to join Victory Ubelt, but there wasn't enough guidance so that fell through as well.

My "Dark Ages" started around that time too.

My parents took me under their wing again, and slowly, I recovered. I also met the love of my life. I know, it sounds crazy but I really do think that Nevaeh is the one. He helped me in so many ways. He helped me to change and to go back to my roots. He grounded me. He was able to prevent me from hanging out with the wrong crowd, be home on time, stop vices and most of all, he made me realize that I am worthy of love. That I can still be loved and accepted just by being myself, even without the makeup, the fancy clothes or my social standing. He makes me feel that he loves me for me.

Enough mushmush.

What I'm trying to say is, I went for a photoshoot yesterday and ended up in a church meeting.

I knew there was going to be a church meeting first, but what I didn't know was that the topic will hit the exact spot in my heart.

The topic was "Prison Break", it's when you feel like you're trapped by problems, the past, sins.. whatever that's holding you hostage..

You guys know what I'm currently going through. I have a pretty heavy problem weighing on me, and I don't know the outcome yet. I am praying for a good one, but I also know that I would have to face the consequences sooner or later.

Pastor Lee, Ate Miles, and Ms. Anne all taught me something last night. The Universe, or God or whoever higher being is out there... is in control of a greater picture. Whatever I'm going through right now is part of the plan. I'm supposed to go through this.

One example that stuck with me was the story of Joseph the Dreamer, because I can relate to him.

He was the favored son, the apple of the eye of his father.. and because of other people, he had his fall from grace. He was beaten, sold, stripped of his prized possessions.. and yet he stayed true. Not only to his faith, but himself. He knew his dreams are worth something.. and he believed. From his prison, he was promoted to a high position and was able to save his family and other people.

My relation with Joseph goes a bit farther than that. My alma mater used to put on these plays and Joseph the Dreamer was the last play I watched as a Paulinian. When I moved to Olongapo, Joseph the Dreamer was also one of the shows we organized. It remains to be one of my favorites stories in the Bible.

Has his story been foreshadowing my life all along?

I don't know yet, but I think I would like to emulate him from now now on.

As Pastor Lee said, Praise on, Prays on, Press on.

What about you? Do you have a Bible story you identify with? Share in the comments below!

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