Poison Fuel, Loans and September Plans | Life 2017

I literally have two hours of sleep. Running on energy from poison, also known as energy drinks.

I'm wide awake though. And super sleepy. So how do we make sense of that? My mind is alert but my body is screaming for some rest?

I'm not sure why I wasn't able to sleep earlier, maybe because I was playing and watching videos on my phone?

Yeah, maybe..

And yes, not one item got crossed off my to-do list. I'm so fucking great, yeah? In my defense, I filed for an immediate unpaid leave on Friday so I have an additional day off.. plus the Incorporation Rites thingy was moved next week due to Eid'l Adha (yay double pay! Edit: Not really, my IUL falls on that day. At least it won't be unpaid anymore though). Then, have classes the day after that, and an event the day after that. Oh, did I mention that I also have a date exactly seven days from now?

Yeah, looks like my 2nd week of September is pretty jam-packed. I'm not complaining though. Since I'm going to try and vlog (and upload, so help me God) everyday for September, it's good to have a lot of scheduled so I can make my videos interesting. Right?

Going to a meeting, be right back..

Meeting has ended. It's all about stuff I can't really blog about, so there.

I just finished eating an apple too and I feel so fat. I don't even know why. I haven't eaten anything at all before. Is it bloating? I usually get this when I suddenly eat after not eating. Now I feel dizzy. What the fuck?

I've been thinking of my blog posting schedule.. It always seems delayed by a whole day and I'm thinking of trying to post within the day so that it would look cohesive. I don't know. I guess I'll just have to try later and see if that will work for me.

Today's the day that I can (finally) file my HDMF Loan, because our HR office was closed for some reason. I'll also try and get another thing finished before I have to go and meetup a friend to talk about her (and hopefully mine) upcoming class. Remember when I mentioned that I'm going to take Basic Fashion Styling in SoFA Design Institute? I'm becoming uncertain because I'm not sure if I'll be able to take the course load and the financial stress this will definitely put me in. I'm hoping that I get the financial aid that may or may not come by the end of September.. I'm hoping it will, I'm hoping it won't. I can make it work either way.

And I guess time's up, blogger babes. I'm leaving in a few minutes. Not so much content today, but I hope you enjoyed reading. I'll try and include photos next time so it's not just words.

What's the most common reason why you can't fall asleep easily? Share in the comments!

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