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For some reason, I want to try live blogging.. Or journal blogging.. You know, the one where I just post whatever is on my mind.

Which is what I've been doing, but you get my point. I hope. Coz I don't.

Basta, I'll try and post about what's actually happened to my day. Maybe add photos? IDK. I think I grew out of the photo taking phase. I like to think that I just enjoy living in the moment, but I'm just lazy.

Well. It's the 27th of August and I'm currently rendering 5 hours overtime. I missed rendering OT hours. I used to render overtime all the time when I was still new here, and I used to rake in so much cash. That of course I spent on stuff. And saved for future shopping. I ended up using the cash to move out. Back then that was the peak of my life. I had a whole place to my own and I was free to do whatever I want. It got old pretty fast when I realized dishes and laundry and trash don't do themselves. I've adjusted now, but I think the state of my apartment is directly related to my state of mind. Right now it's chaotic. I'm not going to post photos of what my apartment actually looks like right now, but I'll put in photos of when it's pristine. How I wish I can always keep it like this. I do think it's more a storage issue rather than an organizing issue though.

Who am I kidding.

It's a hoarding issue. I just have wayyy too many stuff for one person. I've been trying to get that under control, but I end up purchasing more stuff that I don't have a place for.

Whoa. I really got carried away huh?

Oh well. Lately I've been reading Say Tioco's blog. As in reading it from the very first post and moving my way to the most recent ones. The first post on her blog was around April 2011, and I'm on August 2011. This girl is a prolific blogger. I actually did this with Kristine Roces' blog, and I was able to finish hers in about a month. I'm a prolific reader too, I guess. For Say's blog.. I don't know how long six years worth of blog posts would take me.

I just love reading blogs and seeing how these people have matured over the years. It inspires me to commit to mine. It reminds me that these people that I look up also started as small time bloggers and now they have made their own marks in the online community. So yes, with hard work, I know that I'll be able to get this up and running.

Hmm.. What else do I talk about?

Oh. I recently got my first ever blazer. If you know me, I don't really buy clothes. If I do, I get them from Ukay-ukay or Divisoria shops. If I do buy clothes from RTW, most of it are trendy clothes or fitness clothes.. or clothes that I can't have made to order. Call me privileged, but if I can get my clothes specifically made for me, I will have them made for me. So yeah.

I had my modista whip up a blazer and slacks for me because I was going to attend my first legit university event. My school, University of Asia and the Pacific, calls it Freshman Incorporation Rites. It's described as the first academic rite a UA&P freshman undergoes is the Incorporation, where students are formally welcomed into the University community. I know, I'm already a sophomore, but my batch wasn't able to attend the previous one so we're going to attend this one. I'll explain it all in a blog post about TIU and how it works.

Speaking of school.. for some reason, the last semester just went to the dogs. I don't even know if I'll pass any of my subjects. It's that bad. And I have no one to blame but myself. I'm still in the process of trying to understand myself and why I'm so out of it lately, so I can't go into detail about that right now. I'm praying that next semester will be different. That I can refocus myself. I know I can, and I believe having this creative outlet will help me.

I know this really isn't a "live" blog since this went up two days after I wrote it, but I needed to get yesterday's post up because that was already two weeks late.

So.. yeah. Thanks for reading today's post and see you next time!

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