Monthly goals for the rest of 2017 | Goals 2017

Let's keep it real: This year started well and is midway through a crash.

I have not achieved any of my set goals, and I am not proud of myself. I was not strict enough with myself and that's quite sad because I know I can do so much more. I guess one of the factors is that I felt like I wasn't So, what I'm going to do is have monthly goals for the rest of the year and take baby steps -- I know I can do it.

And so, here are my monthly goals for the rest of the year;

Finish my acads strong
Blog everyday for August

Upload videos daily
Continue blogging - this time in sync with the video uploads

Post on Instagram daily
Publish 2 Halloween related videos

Attend a Petiki Tirsia Kali class
Attend a Pole Dancing Class

Finish my Christmas shopping early
End my year strong, safe, and happy
Simple goals, baby steps. All in favor of making me realize that I can achieve everything I set my heart to.

*Photo credits to Richard Bamero

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