#hairgoals: Hairstyling by MLE | Events 2017

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for missing more than a week of blogging (and just when I said I'll be pushing to commit myself), but I have a very good reason.

I got invited (volunteered) to a 3-day hairstyling workshop!

Mich Molina, a MUD trained makeup artist from Baguio (a damn good one at that), posted on Facebook about needing someone for her hairstyling workshop. I messaged her, saying I was interested, and the rest was history.

The workshop was Sir Marvin Lee Eustaquio's brain child, and let me tell you, it was brimming with knowledge, tips and tricks. Why wouldn't it be? Sir Marvin was trained under Ricky Reyes and Bambbi Fuentes, and he's been in the industry for 18 years. It's not just talent and expertise, but he's passionate about hairstyling as well.

It's been four years since my last modelling gig of any sort, and let me tell you, I was super nervous about the whole thing. I really didn't know what to expect. The mood was different, I didn't know anyone, and I don't know the place. Thankfully, Mich was very accommodating and she definitely has a talent of putting people at ease. I was able to bond and connect with her quickly.

While waiting for the workshop to start, we talked about makeup and she shared that her goal as a makeup artist is not to transform the person, but to enhance their features and show them they don't need to change to be beautiful. It's definitely different from today's trend of Instagram brows and sharp contours, and that's what sets her apart.

She also shared that this was the first time she's going to try hairstyling, because it wasn't her thing. And then here I am, with my hip length hair. Managing my hair was definitely a challenge, but her willingness to learn (and Sir Marvin's expert advise) carried us through.

The first day was all about the blow drying technique and hair setting. I really couldn't share the details about it, because we, the models, hung out in a separate room while the lecture was going on. I also don't have much photos from that day because I was still shy about blogging about the event.

I can't blow dry or roll hair to save my life, let alone with technique, but Mich was a pro. It took us a bit of time because, um, my hair. Next was hair setting, and I learned that rollers aren't really for curls, but for volume. You learn something new everyday.

The next day was all about proper hair curling. Yes, there are certain techniques for every kind of curl, and there are names for each curl. Mich was able to pick up the technique quickly, and was able to refine it by practice. Too much hair I guess lol.

They were also taught how make bridal updos, and due to my hair situation, this is what Mich came up with.I absolutely love the "messy" vibe of the updo, I feel like it makes it look so effortless.

If I was able to pick up a lot of techniques just by watching, I'm pretty sure the attendees were able to learn so much more because Sir Marvin was very hands-on during the practicum. He was checking on everyone and answering even the simplest questions.

One thing that surprised me is that I can look good with a middle part. Like, the middle part, pin straight hair that I see on celebrities. I took a lot of selfies because I was so satisfied with how my hair looked like. It was definitely a #hairgoals moment.

By the third and last day, I was comfortable enough to film and I was able to put together a short video.

The last day was when the students had to do everything from start to finish -- blow dry, roller set, curls/straighten, and do a hairstyle of their own.

Mich did an Ariana Grande inspired hairstyle on me and I loved it. It was simple and elegant. She even made my bleach and damaged hair look healthy and that's no mean feat. These are screenshots from her Instagram account.

All in all, I consider this a great opportunity and I would love to do this again (maybe a haircutting workshop next time? JUST KIDDING! I'm not ready to cut my hair!)

I'd like to thank Mich Molina and Sir Marvin, they are truly talented and passionate individuals, with genuine love for what they do.

Thank you for reigniting my love of dressing up and experimenting with looks.

Here are more pictures, this time with my co-models.

Here are Hairstyling by: MLE's contact details. I greatly recommend Mich and Sir Marvin if you have any occasions and you'd like to become the best versions of yourselves!

What do you think of this post? It's my first legit event blog post and I greatly appreciate feedback. and Let me know in the comments below!

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