A Trip to the Philippine National Museum of Arts and Anthropology | Travel 2017

So a few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I visited the Ayala Museum. This time, my grandparents and I visited the Philippine National Museum of Arts and Anthropology. And yes, this is for another paper for my Asia Pacific Classes - South East Asia (Hi Mr. Paje!).

First of all, I just want to thank my grandparents for coming with me. I really appreciate the effort they made just to make sure their little girl (me) didn't go alone. Besides, I owe my love for learning to these two. I grew up reading dictionaries, watching the news and documentaries, and listening to myths because they provided that atmosphere. So here I am.

We met up at Jollibee UN Avenue, and so, so, so many memories flooded back to me. We used pull all-nighters in McDonald's to study and have coffee.. because we were so obviously drunk and underage. I used to have breakfast here all the time.. but that's not what this post is about so moving on!

From UN Avenue, we rode a jeepney and got off at the National Museum. What irked me is that I felt like the jeepney driver didn't even offer any other direction or told us what to do next. It was like being scammed and I don't like the feeling at all. We ended up walking at least 15 minutes under the hot sun and I was pissed because I don't like seeing Nanay or Tatay experiencing any difficulties. I actually wanted to ride an Uber but I wasn't able to book any (Thanks, LTRFB).

We finally got in the Philippine National Museum of Arts and was looking around, learning about the paintings and admiring the works of these famous people. We were able to admire the Spolarium, which is a HUGE painting. It's even bigger than my current apartment! I wonder how long Juan Luna painted this.. We also saw the Una BulaqueƱa which is one painting that I am very interested about because I read somewhere that she could be from San Miguel, Bulacan, my hometown. Not entirely sure, but according to some research, Una BulaqueƱa has already been identified. (I wasn't able to take a picture, unfortunately.)

    Nanay and Tatay admiring the Spolarium

I told Nanay that one day my paintings are going to be hung in a gallery just like this one and she said that I would either have to be very good at it or be rich and famous. Believe me Nay, I'm working on it.
Nanay and Tatay looking at Juan Luna's studio

    Nanay wants to recreate the statue through cross stitch!

After seeing most of the items on display, I realized that we were in the wrong museum. So we went to the Philippine National Museum of Anthropology where I felt much more at home. The items looked familiar and related to my research work.

Maybe we'll go back and explore the Arts building in detail when I take Fine Arts or something.

Here are a few items that caught my attention and are probably going to be the subject of my term paper..

Salaping Pilak from the San Diego shipwreck

    16th Century Astrolabe

    An intricate plow

Gold and Ivory Rosary and Silver Chalice

A few more photo ops.. There were a lot of good places for photos, actually, and I'd love to go back here and have an actual photoshoot. Not sure how that will work though, but we'll figure out a way. There were tons of Instagram worthy spots and the lighting is great!

    We are all National Living Treasures in my opinion.

    My National Living Treasures.

    May forever <3

    Obligatory "tourist-y" photos

    Obligatory "tourist-y" photos

    Showing off my BLAZING highlight

    #OOTD, of course.

    Thank you, Nanay and Tatay :)

Now all that's left is to make a term paper.. 2 pages short bond paper that's at least substance 20, Arial 12 font, 1'' margins and worth A++.

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