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Stupid, stupid pride | Literature 2017

It’s been a long time since I was made a post like this.. I don’t even remember trying to post like this, like actually trying to put my thoughts on paper. I don’t even see myself as someone who can organize my thoughts.

It’s over. I broke it off. The sad thing is I don’t even know why. So I guess that’s a fuckup on my part. Getting carried away by my emotions. I don’t even know what we fought about, or why. It doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. But I guess things are like that. Things have to end. Even if you’ve given your absolute best.

I guess I have to start learning how to be alone again. Literally, irrevocably alone. Just like the old times. All I need to think about is myself and no one else. That should be good. This time I can focus on myself. Too bad I’m starting to feel like this is a bad idea and that this is the start of something that feels very familiar.

Like that point in my life that I had to be taken into a hospital because of my pride and stupidity. I guess the w…

Coffee Induced Realizations | Life 2017

Let's try something different..

Like, live blogging. Blogging on the spot. Right now it's August 29, 2017, 1:08AM. I'm charging my Fitbit Blaze, drinking coffee and working.. or not. There's no queue right now which is why I can write down my thoughts. I'm a customer service representative, and all I can say is that it totally changed the way I think about cashiers, waiters, etc. If I was nice before, I'm positively angelic towards them now, specially to those who does their work right. If not, well I give them a piece of my mind. I've learned that it's not just about providing what the customer wants, but how you say it as well. I'm not saying that I'm all compassionate and understanding and peaceful whatever now, but I've improved. I still have my privileged Catholic school girl provinciana attitude though.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually miss brewed coffee. The coffee that Papa brews back when we still lived toget…

Poison Fuel, Loans and September Plans | Life 2017

I literally have two hours of sleep. Running on energy from poison, also known as energy drinks.

I'm wide awake though. And super sleepy. So how do we make sense of that? My mind is alert but my body is screaming for some rest?

I'm not sure why I wasn't able to sleep earlier, maybe because I was playing and watching videos on my phone?

Yeah, maybe..

And yes, not one item got crossed off my to-do list. I'm so fucking great, yeah? In my defense, I filed for an immediate unpaid leave on Friday so I have an additional day off.. plus the Incorporation Rites thingy was moved next week due to Eid'l Adha (yay double pay! Edit: Not really, my IUL falls on that day. At least it won't be unpaid anymore though). Then, have classes the day after that, and an event the day after that. Oh, did I mention that I also have a date exactly seven days from now?

Yeah, looks like my 2nd week of September is pretty jam-packed. I'm not complaining though. Since I'm going to try…

Overtime Thoughts | Life 2017

For some reason, I want to try live blogging.. Or journal blogging.. You know, the one where I just post whatever is on my mind.

Which is what I've been doing, but you get my point. I hope. Coz I don't.

Basta, I'll try and post about what's actually happened to my day. Maybe add photos? IDK. I think I grew out of the photo taking phase. I like to think that I just enjoy living in the moment, but I'm just lazy.

Well. It's the 27th of August and I'm currently rendering 5 hours overtime. I missed rendering OT hours. I used to render overtime all the time when I was still new here, and I used to rake in so much cash. That of course I spent on stuff. And saved for future shopping. I ended up using the cash to move out. Back then that was the peak of my life. I had a whole place to my own and I was free to do whatever I want. It got old pretty fast when I realized dishes and laundry and trash don't do themselves. I've adjusted now, but I think the state …

Top 5 Favorite Pinay Youtube Vloggers

Hi! Glad to see you, how are you feeling?

I'm doing good, very inspired to be honest. I've just had my sixth cup of coffee and I'm buzzing like crazy! I have written at least five blog posts ready to be published and I love it! It finally feels like I'm getting back on track and I'm very productive and it's the best feeling ever! I hope I can sustain this even without coffee.

Anyway, today I'm sharing with you my top 5 favorite Pinay Youtubers. This is in no order whatsoever, these are just the people that I love watching everytime I go online. As in, I get excited when I see they have new posts! I'll also link one of their recent videos here so you can check them out!

Anne Clutz
I like her because she's like my kikay tita who's always updated with makeup happenings and is just so excited to share her new finds with me. Her reviews are substantial and I usually depend on her for items I can try that works well with oily skin. Her vlogs are nice …

#hairgoals: Hairstyling by MLE | Events 2017

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for missing more than a week of blogging (and just when I said I'll be pushing to commit myself), but I have a very good reason.

I got invited (volunteered) to a 3-day hairstyling workshop!

Mich Molina, a MUD trained makeup artist from Baguio (a damn good one at that), posted on Facebook about needing someone for her hairstyling workshop. I messaged her, saying I was interested, and the rest was history.

The workshop was Sir Marvin Lee Eustaquio's brain child, and let me tell you, it was brimming with knowledge, tips and tricks. Why wouldn't it be? Sir Marvin was trained under Ricky Reyes and Bambbi Fuentes, and he's been in the industry for 18 years. It's not just talent and expertise, but he's passionate about hairstyling as well.

It's been four years since my last modelling gig of any sort, and let me tell you, I was super nervous about the whole thing. I really didn't know what to expect. The mood was different, I didn&…