My Holiday Wishlist | Wishlist 2016

Okay. I have cooled down from my energy drink high yesterday and I can now make a decent post.

I have decided that I'm going to try and jumpstart posting everyday again, while trying to post about mostly makeup (since I am going to try and launch my channel by January). Just to get me started and used to talking about makeup.

So to start, I'm going post about my Holiday Wishlist (which mostly contains makeup)

    Maybelline Color Tattoo - Grey/Bronze [150]
    Maybelline Liner - Black/Peach [150]
    Bench Paintbox - Shadow stick (rose gold)
    Bench Paintbox - Red Liptint [250]
    Loreal - Primer [250]
    LA Girl Pro Concealer - highlight color [169]
    FS - Angled Brush [100]
    FS - 2 way cake - chino/rajah (color match) [150]
    FS - Concealer - highlight/contour (color match) [100]
    F21 - Twist Eye Pencil - Lilac [3/100]
    Colourpop Bundle - Poppin, Notion, More Better [700]
    Powder Bundle - Ben Nye, Coty Airspun, RCMA No Color Powder [600]
    RCMA No Color 20g [250]

So much stuff so little money. LOL!

I'll update this and see if I do purchase the items on my list. :)

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