Caged | Poetry 2016

There are a lot of thing I am
There are a lot of things I'm not..
There's a happy side of me
There's one drowning in tears
It seems to me that I am no longer her
That girl who once vowed to conquer the world
My strength seems drained
My smile seems cold
I look in the mirror and I see none
Seems like I've disappeared now
I feel trapped once again
Why does freedom flee?
Yesterday my own sins bind me
But now another's trap me
The chains are stronger now
My own mind suffocates me
My own thoughts invalidate me
My is it that I bear this curse
It seems like a never ending race
Who will win, who is the victor
Will my darkness prevail
Or will hope once again recover me


Disclaimer: These were written during one of the darkest points of my life. I have since recovered and I just wanted to share what helped me survive. :)

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