November 9-14, 2016


I forgot to blog yesterday.

Forgive me, I was too sleepy and my brain was all fuzzy that I just wanted to get the over with and sleep at home. But I'm refreshed, and I want to make it up with a (hopefully) lengthy post.

Let's talk about how I see myself in the future. how I visualize myself and where I'll be.

I see myself as a successful influencer in a few years, attending events and inspiring people, providing them hope and proving to them that the impossible can be done. I also see myself with a college degree, my own house, car and engaged, maybe married.

Hmm. Maybe doing this every year instead? I think that would be best.

Okay. So currently 20 years old. Let's start setting goals and action plans.

Auto-Save - By the start of the year I should have auto-save (750) every time money rolls into my payroll account
Credit Card - I want to start building a good credit history, so that I can have something to back me up when I buy my own house (or build it, depends). To do so, I would use the InstaCard option of BPI for it, which would also help me have a proper personal savings account. The credit card would be used for my weekly groceries and maybe a few splurges here and there.
New Phone - my phone is almost 3 years old and is very well loved although glitchy as heck. It's about time I upgrade and I also need one that has a better quality camera and memory space. To do so, I can use my savings to buy one and have it as my personal birthday gift.
Upload Schedule - I should have a pretty solid YT upload schedule by now. Twice a month shouldn't be too hard, with the quarterly favorites video. Same with blog posts, unless it's a personal post and uploaded through my phone. As for the IG and FB posts, well, I'm constantly there anyway. Maybe add in a monthly photoshoot for OOTD and glamour shots.
Fixed Routine - I should be able to workout at least once a week, and continue my Korean Skincare Routine.

By the year ends, I should have enough to double my credit card limit and semi furnish my apartment.

Travel - I should have traveled out of town on my own, and have gone to places I have never been before. If I can travel out of the country, be all means go!



So I can't access my wordpress anymore and I'm not really sure how to post there again, but yeah. I'll just compile those posts I missed there I guess.

I missed yesterday's blog but I'm not giving up and keep on making up for those posts I miss.

Let me just continue my previous blog I guess, since I ran out of time and cut it short.



As mentioned, I want this to be my travel year, and I have a few places in mind that I wanna got to.

I want to go to Boracay, because I have never ever been there and it's always hyped and I know I'll more or less regret it because I'm not really a beach but hey, whatever.

I also want to go to Batanes, because, hype. Also, I've seen the place, and damn, for a small island, it's very very pretty. Like, #TravelGoals pretty.

Another place I want to go to is Olongapo. I had a short stint there and I feel a certain affinity because that's the place where I lost a part of me. I think that's where I lost my childhood, you know? Where I lost my innocence. That was the place where I changed and entered the cocoon of puberty. Pumangit ako dun, damn it.

Oh, and I also lost the power of making long time friends there. I think. Or maybe I'm  just incompetent with making friends. LOL

I also want to go back to Cebu because I don't remember the place anymore and I want to refresh myself.

Oh, and Palawan to! Coz it's a Corrigimentio (idk how to spell it) and I just approve of it's rebelliousness waaaaay back.

For international travel, I want to go to UK of course, visit all the Harry Potter locations and all that shit. Maybe the Tudor places as well.


So I finally finished my laundry earlier and sacrificed a few of my sleep hours. Don't even remember if I locked my bathroom door. Oh well. I'll be back by Monday, so I hope everything is fine.

I've been thinking of blogging in Filipino as well, but I'm not sure how that'll actually work.. maybe when I'm in the mood. Right now i'm in the mood to talk in English :)

Right now I'm just chilling and waiting for my shift to end so that I can finally visit my hometown (and have unlimited internet).

Lost my train of thought...

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