Commitments | November 2016

So it's November 2nd. All Soul's Day or Undas, here on my end of the world.

Today let's talk about.. my commitments for every aspect of my life, per se.

For school, of course, pass with flying colors and be in the running for a Latin Honor.

For home,  be able to go home regularly and keep in touch with my family. I need to get to know them and vice versa. I have been distant for a few years and it's about time that I present to them who I have grown up to be.

For work,  I promise to finally get my scorecard back to its original pristine state (already kinda failing on that one but hey, it's still early in the month). I also promise not to be late as much as possible (also need to bounce back on that one, I was late for a few minutes earlier). I also want to be as productive as I can be.

For personal, I want to improve myself, take care of my health and get fit. There are around 6-7 months before summer hits here, and I want my beach bod to be ready. Even though it's been years since i last went to the beach (I don't really like swimming in the sea. A clear, enclosed pool with chlorinated water is preferable for me.)

Lastly, for lovelife, well, I don't really think there's anything to improve since we just.. match. No big issues, really, as I feel like we're in the comfortable stage already, but I guess we'll never really know as we aren't together much (suits me well, as we both get a chance to grow together and apart as individuals). If I have to choose a commitment for my lovelife, I guess it would be avoid starting fights and instead listen him more.

That should be it for today. I can't think of anything else to post, to be honest.


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