Who is Czyphr?

Brand: Czyphr Productions
Motto: Qui audet adipiscitur
Subject: Before 25, the five-year or so journey
Name history: Czyphr (Zahy-Fir) Grandparents' names: Cirila (Czy) Fernando (Phr)

Hi, my name is Nessa, and I'm a 20-year old call center agent who wants to document my twenties, and achieve my #Before25 goals. I am a Customer Service Representative II for Fitbit.

This blog will be all about my life, my dreams, achievements, mistakes, realizations and lessons learned throughout the years. Blogging has been a long-time project of mine, but I haven't had the time to focus on it. Now, I have all my resources and my life has been slowly coming together into the vision that I have, and so I'd like to share it with the rest of the world, and as something to look back on as well.

Right now I'm focusing on my health and staying true to my 2016 Resolutions, and so you'll mostly see posts about that. I'm also taking my skincare regimen quite seriously since it's never too late to start taking care of my skin more. Posts regarding these topics will revolve around weekly or bi-monthly progress reports.

I see myself having my own house and a college graduate by the time I'm twenty-five. For a more indepth discussion of my #Before25 goals, please refer to this masterlist.

I'm still trying to get the hang of this, and please bear with me. I'll try to post every week or so, but no promises as of the moment.

Future possible posts can include fashion and beauty posts, product reviews, book and movie reviews/comparisons, travel notes, diary entries and current events opinions.

You can find me on the following social media platforms;
Instagram: @czyphr
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nessaforever or www.facebook.com/czyphrproductions
Youtube: www.youtube.com/JanessaPablo
Tumblr: tumblr.com/czyphrproductions
Blog: www.janessapablo.wordpress.com

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