She said she was jealous, that she wanted more

 She wished for things she may have had before. She told me she yearned for great things She could've had, if she worked hard enough.

She said she wished she didn't give up She wished she didn't stop with that She wanted to go back to where it all began Correct her ways and change everything.

He brushed her off, got disappointed Why does she dream of another life Wasn't she contented with how things were? Isn't everything he did ever enough?

So he continued to tell her to stop That he didn't want to hear about it. At first she will speak up occasionally About her dreams and wishes and so-called regret

It was cycle, a vicious never ending cycle Soon enough, she spoke up less often Until eventually she stopped Finally.

But it didn't stop there, she stopped laughing too. Stopped smiling, stopped responding She didn't react to anything anymore. She stopped living.

All she did was write, and paint, write and paint She kept to herself, never left the room. Didn't eat, didn't drink. She was.. gone. When he checked in on her, that's when he realized.

All I ever wanted was to be loved To be told I was loved, that I was okay That I'm worth it, that I can do it All I ever wanted was to be wanted.

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