#Before25 I will... Earn my degree


To be honest, I still have 5 semesters left before I have my degree, which is 2 ½ years. Once I get that, I have my ticket to paradise, and I see it as finally having my ticket to freedom as well. I realized that you can’t really fight with someone who has a degree, because they’ll automatically be viewed in the better light. Much better light. 

And so I vow to get my degree no matter how long it takes. 

Right now that’s a very hard goal for me to accomplish (since my parents are living their own lives right now, but that’s another issue), but who fcking said that it’s impossible? If there’s a will, there a way. 

Luckily, the  company I belong to supports education and has an amazing option to study while working. I’m checking on it and right now I’m torn between a course in Psychology or Humanities. Both would be beneficial to my previous course (Education), and my interests. 

I love learning about the mental aspect of everything, and I loved our course in Humanities when I was still in school. 

And so I’m stuck. I still have to check with my Grandmother (she’s my everything) and see what’s better for me. 

I’m also researching a bit about those (looking at curriculums to see which subjects I have to take). 

Both would be roughly PhP 1,300 per cut off which is a big chunk of my salary so I would have to wait until I have enough money kept aside just in case. 

Oh well. We’ll see. 

I’ll update you regarding this. 

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