What if?


It hurts so much, too much.

Why does it feel like that all over again?
Did I make the wrong choice?
Or am I just misunderstanding?

But why do I feel like this?

Sometimes, I think..
What if on my way to Manila tomorrow, maaksidente ako? Would he finally realize all the wasted time?

So many seconds, minutes, hours that he couldn’t have spent time with me, and yet he chooses to spend it well, not with me..

This is such a depressing post for our 366th day together. Yup, we just had our anniversary yesterday. He went here, spent an hour with me and that was it. But that’s okay, because I thought we can spend tomorrow together.. But still no.

So okay.. i guess I’ll just have to go on this alone.

But should I still continue with this relationship? Should I stay? Stay and endure everything? Because of love?

I don’t know..
So far my faith in this relationship has been truly rocked by what has been going on.

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