But first, what’s this #NessaBefore25 thing?


Well, you see.. 

Halfway through the year 2015, I feel so much older than my 19 years. For some reason, this year has changed me a lot. Made me grow up, I guess. I had my first taste of the corporate world which made me treasure my school years a lot more. Maybe this is why working students have so much respect for studying, because it definitely made me realize how easy it was to be a student. I have worked prior to this, but that felt more like a jobby (job-hobby), in which I call the shots, and I earn my cash on my own terms. I also remember that the money that I earned with my jobby was spent in a flash. Now, the money I earn goes to my savings, which I’ve named #Before25. I’m not saying that I invented the #Before25 tag, but I wanted to have my own twist with it. Being 19 and in the corporate world without a degree made me feel very vulnerable, to tell the truth. I am surrounded by people who have a degree, who have nothing else but to move forward in this world. And then here I am, an undergrad, with lots of ideas but no power to put those forward. Honestly it’s not the best feeling in the world, and I actually hate, hate and hate it because I’m used to being the ringleader in terms of projects and ideas. This experience definitely made me step back and assess myself if I’m actually good at stuff or if I’m just being really arrogant. It also made me realize that I don’t want to spend my life being an employee. It made me realize that I want more to my life than a 9 hour job. I’m also inspired by one of my colleagues who’s kind of financially independent in her own right, and she’s 25, which also inspired me to see the number 25 as a goal. I also think that it’s a nice number to aim at.

It made me realize that, fck this, I can have so much more. I can improve, I can prosper, I can prepare for the future. 

I have all the resources right now. 

I have a steady flow of cash, I have all the free time in the world, I have the support of everyone that matters to me, I have the legal capabilities, I have everything. Why not put those to good use? 

People younger than me are more successful than I am. Who says I can’t join the bandwagon? 

I can. and I will. 

And so #NessaBefore25 was born. Yipee. 

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