Dear Diary July

Halfway through the year 2015, I feel so much older than my 19 years.

For some reason, this year has changed me a lot. Made me grow up, I guess.

I had my first taste of the corporate world which made me treasure my school years a lot more. Maybe this is why working students have so much respect for studying, because it definitely made me realize how easy it was to be a student.

I have worked prior to this, but that felt more like a jobby (job-hobby), in which I call the shots, and I earn my cash on my own terms. I also remember that the money that I earned with my jobby was spent in a flash. Now, the money I earn goes to my savings, which I’ve named #Before25.

I’m not saying that I invented the #Before25 tag, but I wanted to have my own twist with it.

Being 19 and in the corporate world without a degree made me feel very vulnerable, to tell the truth. I am surrounded by people who have a degree, who have nothing else but to move forward in this world. And then here I am, an undergrad, with lots of ideas but no power to put those forward. Honestly it’s not the best feeling in the world, and I actually hate, hate and hate it because I’m used to being the ringleader in terms of projects and ideas. This experience definitely made me step back and assess myself if I’m actually good at stuff or if I’m just being really arrogant.

It also made me realize that I don’t want to spend my life being an employee. It made me realize that I want more to my life than a 9 hour job. I’m also inspired by one of my colleagues who’s kind of financially independent in her own right, and she’s 25, which also inspired me to see the number 25 as a goal. I also think that it’s a nice number to aim at.

And so, after that long intro, here’s my 25 things to do #Before25 goals.

Earn my degree.
To be honest, I still have 5 semesters left before I have my degree, which is 2 ½ years. Once I get that, I have my ticket to paradise, and I see it as finally having my ticket to freedom as well. I realised that you can’t really fight with someone who has a degree, because they’ll automatically be viewed in the better light. Much better light.

Be financially independent.
Being in this world made me see that being financially independent isn’t that hard -- but living paycheck to paycheck is definitely easier. And so, I made a point that I saved even a tiny bit of my salary every paycheck, and I’m very happy to say that little amounts really do add up. I’ve also been researching ways on how to make me grow, such as investing on stocks, bank interest, etc.

Have my own place.
I feel like this has been my goal for so long, and no joke, this is actually one of my main requirements before I consent to marriage. As my growing up years weren’t really stable, my grandmother said that maybe the reason why I wanted my own place so bad was because I wanted a symbol of my stability. Honestly. I agree. A place I could call me own, even just thinking of it, makes me feel empowered, knowing that I have somewhere to go home to, somewhere I belong, and I could call my own.

Earn my first million.
I know that this is a very steep goal, but i believe that if my original aim was 100k, why not aim for 1M?? It makes me push harder, and think bigger. While I do think that money isn’t a very good motivator, but let’s be real, in this world, we can’t live without money. While a million seems so small these days, when you earn your own, it seems really huge and really far fetched (according to my calculation though, 6 years is enough to earn me 1M).

Dye my hair own my own.
This is actually a goal that I have already done, and I actually enjoy it. Studying in a Catholic school and being in a conservative family made me stay away from coloring my hair. I had my hair colored during my first year of college, (I got it colored red but it turned red-violet. Don’t remind me please)and then after that, I stopped. My hair grew long and healthy and stuff, and then 2015 came and I lightened it, bleached it and colored it blue. After that experiment, I wish I never lightened my hair in the first place. I missed my natural dark hair and I realized that darker hair suits me better. I’m gradually dyeing my hair dark again, because I don’t want to get too dark too quickly, and I also don’t want a pure black. I want my own natural color back :3 Well, except for my blue hair. I love my blue hair. LOL

Get fit and keep fit
Once upon a time, I had a workout routine, and I had a diet plan. When I went back home to my hometown, I lost that routine because it’s home. I had little to no control of the food in the house, and it’s not really the clean eating that I got used to in college life. I used to have a low carb high protein diet, and when I went back to the province I had a high everything.

Go on a hike - be one with nature

Invest in good quality basic stuff

Try my hand on trading
Donate blood and hair.
Have my driving license and my own car
Go to a music festival
Learn a foreign language
Pay it forward
Collect the yearly starbucks planner

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