I don't even know what I'm doing.

 So, this all starts with me getting a call for an interview at a local BPO company.

I asked my parents if I could go and try.

They asked me, what will be my plan after that.

I said, We'll see if I'll pass first.

And lo and behold, I passed.

Which I was not expecting AT ALL.

I'm not sure if that was because I didn't because in myself that much or if I was just overestimating the other applicants, but yeah. I passed, and went with all the things required. I came back for the final interview, which I was so sure I was going to miss due to traffic and stuff. I arrived at the nick of time. Wow.

I was like, Lord, is this your sign? Are you really telling me that I should pursue this? Is this really what you want for me?

Passing that final interview and being told to come back with all the other requirements definitely screamed YES to me.

Tomorrow I go back and bring all my files.

Tomorrow will set what lies before me.

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