Everything starts with firsts.

 To tell the truth, right now I am not in a mood to write a blog.

As in, no.

I feel like I'm not in the right state of mind to write anything.

But then again, I have to.

If I want to be a productive writer and blogger that is.

The thing is, I want to start this because I feel like I have been so irresponsible with keeping track of my life. I haven't done any of what I wanted to do since the start of the year. Blogging, vlogging, recording my moments. I just didn't.

Maybe I'm just lazy or maybe I'm just.. as I've said, irresponsible.

I feel like I've been losing touch with my muse. I miss the moments when I was younger.. When I could write anything, anything that comes into my mind and make it flourish, no matter how corny or amateur it is. Now, I just can't write anymore. And I want to.

So I'm starting this blog, to start something new.

And since I am opening a new chapter in my life, why not use it as a starting point?

A starting point on to The Next Chapter of Me.

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