An Open Letter to Mich Ordeniza aka Taz Sweet

 Hey there. This will be the last time I will ever, ever voluntarily contact you again. So you better waste you time and read this carefully. 

Girl, it's okay to be bitter, but to go and make a fool of yourself online? And in my own profile nonetheless. I know you were looking at my profile the day you found out that post (and maybe you still are, the hell I care). How else would you see that post of mine? That was posted a long while ago and you found it! Amazing! You even told me, "pictures are just pictures", which further convinces me that you are truly touring my facebook account.  To tell the truth, I don't even know why you're so angry at me. Your anger at my boyfriend, that I could understand, but towards me? Not really. As far as I know, we are both victims of his kalokohan (Me being cheated on and you being fooled and led on). I only posted your pics, not for public ridicule but as a teaser of what would come, should you have the guts to annoy me, because I know you're sneaking around my profile (or should I say stalking me.). I even deleted mean and harsh comments and judgmental opinions about you on that post because I didn't want any of this to happen and I didn't want any hate on an innocent person. Because I know that you are innocent of any wrongdoing. You just fell for a boy, which unfortunately is already taken, read, by me. But you gave me no choice. Absolutely none.  Is this how you show that you're educated? Or is this your way to ask for pity? Is this how you heal your bruised pride, ego and broken heart?  Remember, YOU started this. YOU were the one who first messaged me. You asked if I was his girlfriend, and of course I said yes, because I am. We've been officially together since August 2013,without any lapse. You even asked how our relationship was going. Of course I said it was good, because it was. Still is. I sincerely thought that you were just another one of his friends wishing us good luck and telling me how lucky I am to have him and call him mine. I wanted to be your friend, because his friends should be my friends too, and vice versa. Isn't that how relationships are supposed to work? But then, YOU started "cluing me" in his infidelity, even playing the "concerned friend". You even directed me to his new account, right? Even telling (and tagging) me about a picture of them together with him without a shirt. I asked you to send the picture over, but you didn't, and instead started commenting on a certain picture of mine, saying that I still haven't moved on and that those weren/t from my boyfriend. That's when I started to piece things together and suspect that you are Mich Ordeniza.  if you're wondering how I did it, then let me tell you. The Taz Sweet account was messaging me as a sweet person, concerned and telling me to do something about this issue, and then all of a sudden, viciously commenting accusations on my picture. If you're going to manage two (even three) accounts and pretend to be different persons, at least try and keep your act every single second of the show. I should know, I belong to various theatre groups, and have been to countless acting workshops. You also liked the cover photo of the poser account, which, if you were really on my side, you won't do that. You would berate him instead. But you didn't. As my professors say, one point for the effort. You also mentioned RB lots of times.. Didn't you have any idea that he's our bestfriend? That's why he's in this whole issue, always being around my boyfriend, and always there for me. And clearly, you don't know him like I do. I know for a fact that if he liked me that way, he would tell me straight up. He is not a torpe or a shy type of guy.  I have known about your existence and relationship with my boyfriend since it started. I have eyes or "bantays" on my boyfriend, just like he has on me. I just kept silent because I know he's only after the chase and not you. He just wanted to play, and you were the perfect toy. I feel sorry for you actually, being another name to put on his "conquered" list. He wasn't popular in high school for just being a school athlete, and I am not popular just because of my surname. Read between the lines, or even my timeline to know what I'm talking about.  Now, if you didn't message me, I wouldn't have wasted my time talking to you. You tried to rile me up, taunted me and told me to do something about this. I am now, and have been for the past few weeks.  I guess you thought that in doing so, you would get him to be fully yours, din't you? Guess what, your plan backfired in a major way, darling. Why? Because of your own doing. No one else to blame but yourself. Nobody, nobody but you.  I tried to play nice with you sweetheart. I really did. I even wanted to meet you, remember? After you messaged me using the poser account saying that you didn't want any trouble and explaining your side of the story. After I successfully hacked that account and posted the truth that he really belongs to me, and not to you. I wanted to settle these issues once and for all, face to face. Because I know that you have done nothing wrong. Because I know you are innocent. And because I was once in your position, years ago, and I want to understand your side of the story even more, I wanted to apologize personally for what my boyfriend has done to you. But I guess you didn't foresee that, and got scared that you'll be facing the girl you're sharing a boyfriend with. If you really believed that you're on the right side, you should never be afraid of anything. Always remember that. This is also the reason why I'm taking me time and composing this letter. Because I know I am right.  YOU asked for this, Mich Ordeniza. YOU were the one who told me to do something about this, right?  I did, starting with that post with your pictures. Ever wonder how I got those? I didn't have an IT graduate ex-boyfriend for nothing. Go figure. And mind, there are more of those from where they came from in my possession, for sentimental purposes. If you feel like you do not deserve this, I will repeat, you asked for this, *insert offensive term for a querida*. You began with all the insults, remember? You even owned up to one of my statuses, (Feelingera. Echusera. Froglita.), even if that post wasn't about you. Seriously, you are so *insert offensive term for slow learners*. And you always drag RB into your comments and accusations. For what? For proof? For assurance that what you're saying is true? For back up? How immature can you get? You also kept on bragging about your so-called achievements and degree. I don't doubt your capabilities, but I doubt if you really learned beyond the books. You remind me of the amalayer girl, announcing to the world that she's educated and yet not showing it. A true lady will never resort to direct insults, just like you did.  If he wasn't worth your time, then why did you have to say that you got him fair and square? If you really didn't care, you wouldn't even blink an eye. I assuming this is probably your first experience to be played, because you are clearly a beginner. I can't imagine a grown woman doing what you're doing. Goodness. I can't see the point of you and your insults, to tell the truth. Don't you have anything else to say? Let me tell you, that's what makes fights boring. Insults make fights and discussions boring. Especially nonsense and groundless ones. That's what all your insults are, after all. Incongruous and without basis. I know you never stole him from me. I know you didn't want any trouble. But you're not so innocent of any wrong doing anymore, seeing as you insulted me, my boyfriend, and even one of my friends. I think we deserve an apology. I myself am sorry for every single one of your wasted second on talking to me and reading this. I would even pay your "high income rate per minute" for all your time, but I suppose you don't accept pity money. I truly pity you, being treated like that. No one deserves to be treated that way. In behalf of my boyfriend and friends, I am sincerely sorry for causing you any disturbance, pain and tears. Let's put this behind us. What has happened has happened and we won't be able to change that anymore. But we can change the future. I still want you be my friend. I am not angry or mad at you. I don't have any hard feelings or anything. I am willing to move on. I hope you are too.  - the one and only Janessa :) Below are pictures of our conversations. For old times sake :) 

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