A Girl is...

 To all the boys out there, please remember this.

  A girl pushes you away when she needs you the most. It may seem childish and immature, but this is how girls work. We need to feel that we are valued. That we are important.    We feel that the most when you stay with us even though we push you away it hurts. Just hold us. Hold us until we finally break down and cry. And then hold us even more. Hold us until we finally talk. Because soon enough, we will. Just be patient. We will tell you everything wehn we've sorted out our thoughts.    A girl cries the most when there are no tears falling from her eyes. A girl is hurt the most when she belts out her hardest laugh. A girl needs you the most when she pushes you away. A girl screams the hardest when she knows you won't hear her.   Girls are full of contradictions. Boys needs to understand that. We are the world's greatest pretenders. We can fake everything. But deep inside, deep, deep down inside, we are hurting.    Please understand that we do not do is to annoy you. We do this because this is how we've been for ages.    It just how the world goes. But whatever happens, just remember this.   We will push you away when we need you the most.

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