Now what?


Just. OMG.

I seriously cannot explain how excited/sad/eager/amazed I am.

I am finally and officially done with high school.

I mean, seriously. I am on my way to COLLEGE!!

Oh, and I got the Best in Campus Journalism (English) Medal. LOLWUTT??

So many things have happened since my last post which was like, EONS ago. So so so sorry about that! (Now I feel like sing Sorry Sorry by SJ LOL)

Hulala I guess this will be another update post (Meh, more like a blog filler) about what has happened to me since my last posts. And I shall consider this post as a mini photo diary too.

Soo, here goes!

We had our JS last February 17th, (JS : Junior and Seniors Promenade), and I was one of the traditional Cotillion dancers. Here are a few shots. :)

 There's my finished makeup look! Purple eyes likeyeah! This was my first time wearing false lashes, and I gotta say, it changed my opinion about false lashes bigtime. I also did my own makeup here, and I am very very satisfied with the results. :D

Oh, and there's my dress too! The Cotillion dancers had to wear the same dress design, but it was fine with me because I think that the dress was very flattering on everyone. The color's very pretty too. I loved the simplicity of it, and it definitely made my night feel very Prom-ish. :D

Yep. Became the photographer for a few... hours. I love being behind the camera more than being on camera. LOL!

My dance partner, Gabriel (Or Gabo, as we often call him). I admit I had a bit of a crush on him after all that jazz. He was the very essence of a gentleman. :)

Me, Lorenzo and AJ. Instead of being with my classmates, I was with them. I do not regret it. :) 
And please pardon the awkward seating. HAHA

Just a random wacky pose. I LOVE doing this pose, I swear.

I know, I know. I bet you remember this pic from my last post. BUT! I actually have a legitimate reason on why I am posting this. See this boy? We met during Prom, and two months later, it's official. :)
We're in a relationship. :">

A shot with two of my classmates. Notice how the other boy is not wearing a suit? Well, that's because of the school rules. Sucks I know. The non-Cotillion dancers were to wear the school uniform as a way to avoid outsiders from mingling with the school crowd, because we have over a thousand students dancing the night away. Makes me soo glad that I was one of the dancers. :P

Another shot of my dance partner. I think this is totally two-page spread worthy. HAHA.

If you're wondering on how I did my hair, well, here's a semi-decent shot of it. We were told to put our hair up, so I did my hair in a 'bun within a bun' style. It was actually an on-the-spot idea, and I'm glad it turned out okay. :)


A few days after the prom, we were on our way to Zambales to cheer for our province, Bulacan, for the CLRAA Finals. Yes, we won. Partly due to our awesome mad cheering skills. :P


Presenting the models of water in a bottle. LOL!
Gabo, Jeff, Ricmel, Nick and Jim. Boys who never treated me as a girl but respected me as one. I mean, COME ON. They existed to tease the hell out of me! But I still love them. AS FRIENDS!! XD

Pretty pretty sunset with a cool shot of me. This is my favorite shot of all the pictures I took during this event. Thanks to Jeff for giving me full rein of his camera. :D

Me and my seatmates, Laura and Rhealyn. :)

Ownership of the camera does not and will never give you immunity to stolen shots. Muahaha. XD

I wanted this cap so badly that I almost stole it. Kidding. 
The boy with crazy guitar skills, Jim. And also crazy evil poses. :P

Mad cheering skills? CHECK! Mad drumming skills that resulted to a damaged Tom? Double CHECK!


And then, I got a new camera! Yupyup, I can finally do videos! :D

I've been taking loads and loads of pictures since then, and I think that would make this post way too long if I included them here, so I will not. 

I'll put them in another post instead.

Thank you for sticking with me even though I am a load of crap when it comes to blogging. I mean, I have lots of ideas but I'm too lazy to actually sit down and get some blogging done. I'll try to improve, I promise!

Hugs, Nessa :*

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