The Hairstylist Update

 Here's a collective post of all the hairstyles I've done (to myself and others) from two thousand forgotten up to now. :P

This was probably  several months ago.. I was practicing the waterfall braid.. Not bad eh?

Introducing Kristine. Just did a regular lace braid. :)

Waterfall braid @ Aya!

Side view.

Four-strand dutch braid @ Mishielle. Hooray for today! :D

Carousel braid @ Mishielle. Sorry for the pic. :P

Twist braid.

Pin-curls with lots of hairspray. Because Mishielle's hair doesn't really cooperate. :P

Yay for beautiful ringlets!!!

Pin-curls @ Aya.

Much more natural looking curls @ Mishielle.

Really awesome curls. Best ever.

Twist braid....

The end! :P

I think The Hairstylist is gonna be a series here. :D

Hugs, Nessa :*

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