My tent or yours?

 You know what's absolutely scary and thrilling? Getting discovered.

Well, not really getting discovered, but just being appreciated for your, erm, talents. 

Recently, there was this Camping Trip thingy for Boy Scouts, and since it was a provincial event, there was a presentation of some sort every night. That being said, the second night was gonna be the Mayor's Night, and a few of my friends were assigned for the Doxology..

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, I got to do the girls' makeup (Well the boys' makeup too, but that was just the foundation and countouring stuff....).

Anyway, I was supposed to go with them, but I wasn't feeling really well (I just got back from a fever session lol. A hard one at that.), so I didn't go. And the camp's located on a mountain! That's some serious chilly points there.

I didn't go with them, period.

But I had a lot of fun doing their makeup. I was actually a little bit nervous about it because I really didn't know what colours to use, but I got through it.

I might recreate it on myself, just so you can really see the colours and stuff... Because I'm so good that I forgot to take decent pics.. Found some pics that show close-ups, but def. not the best pics. *sigh* Oh well, at lest I tried, right? :P

Wait, is this my first makeup job? Nope. I've done other girl's makeup before. :) (including pictures... :P)

Close-up pics..
A pretty close-up pic.. Featuring Majo! :)

I used the Loreal Shocking Volume mascara on them.. 
Holds the curl pretty well! :)

The only close eyed pic that I could find.. See the wonderful colours?!
Miscellaneous shots! 

Me and the girls!

And another shot...


Some wacky shots that I just can't help but put in here. :P

Another one!

With the campers!

Thank you, girls (and boys) for trusting me. Cheers!


Some of my previous makeup stuff. :)

Hers, obviously. :P
Did the girl's makeup, though you can't see it clearly... (Vincent and Fatima)

Caught in act! :P (Fatima and I)

Some shot.. :P (Badet and I)
I don't know who took this shot, but I think it's really pretty. Hello, Ana! :)
I also did her hair, but no decent pictures, unfortunately..
Did hers here.. :P
The end of this long and picture filled post!

Gonna post my January Favorites soon. better late than never! :P

Hugs, Nessa :*

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